Score one for the good guys!

Posted on October 26, 2009 by Donald Ferguson
You deserve pat on the back! Thanks to you, Western Tradition Partnership just won an important battle regarding your First Amendment rights!

WTP’s Victory In Longmont, Colorado

Late last week, a federal judge in Denver awarded WTP a preliminary injunction against the city of Longmont, Colorado.  This injunction prevents Longmont from enforcing supposed campaign finance rules intended to discourage people from criticizing city council policies.  This includes a concerted effort by city council members and anti-growth radicals to deny a group of property owners their right to develop their property.

Your support of WTP made that important win possible. Before the ruling, we could not inform Longmont residents of council members’ anti-property rights agenda without running the risk of wrongful prosecution.

One city council member and a supporter have filed seven different complaints against people who spoke about her in unflattering terms. Many of the complaints allowed under the new city law, including one intended to stop scientific opinion polling were utterly unfounded. It’s hard to believe that wasn’t the intent of the law put into place by anti-growth radicals.

Thankfully, District Judge Walker Miller put a stop to that. He ordered Longmont to stop restricting our right to free speech when it comes to WTP’s communications, which work to mobilize citizens to encourage all officeholders and candidates to support property rights.

Why this victory means so much…

Judge Miller’s ruling was a resounding victory for all WTP members. He vigorously defended the First Amendment, and this is a big step forward in affirming WTP’s work to fight radical environmentalism and defend private property rights across the West!

Because of this victory, WTP will be able to use this legal precedent, and defend our right to communicate in cities across the West.

But defending Americans’ property and First Amendment rights required us to spend our limited resources.

What must be done now!

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The 2010 election cycle is racing towards us, and we must be prepared for it. This ruling has helped clear the path for the incredibly effective type of communication that WTP does so well.

I can’t stress enough how valuable this win is. A federal court has upheld WTP’s right to fight for your rights. Now we need to make the most of this win.
So please click here to rush me your best support today. Thank you for all of your help. We can’t win without you.


Jacob Leis
Executive Director
Western Tradition Partnership

P.S. This legal decision in support of Western Tradition Partnership is a big win for us, and I can’t thank you enough for making it happen.

In order to take full advantage of this decision, and avoid squandering our victory, we must be fully prepared for 2010. Please take a moment to rush your emergency support contribution today.