Colorado To Get New Utility Rate Hike

Posted on January 14, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

Bill Ritter

Bill Ritter must think you have a bottomless wallet.

He just announced he’s going to force Colorado utilities to get 30% of their energy from expensive “renewable” sources.

Yes, at a time when more and more people are struggling to pay their bills and employers must lay people off to meet costs, Bill Ritter has announced a massive statewide increase in utility bills.

Why would he do that?

Two words — “green” speculators.

You see, a lot of radical Green activists saw the media’s fascination with “going green” and “green energy” and saw a chance to make a quick buck. Hey, I’m a capitalist. I don’t fault them. But where we part ways is what they decided to do when they realized “green” energy is expensive, inefficient and no one wants it.

Rather than cut their losses and get out of the market, these speculators decided to rig the market by forcing people to buy their product.

They are now leaning hard on radical Green politicians to keep inflating the “green energy” bubble by issuing so-called “renewable energy standards” that give people no choice but to hand cash to “green energy” speculators.

These so-called “renewable energy standards” are nothing more than a bailout of failed speculators, a way for radical Green politicians to use government to transfer wealth from average citizens to green speculators.

It’s the exact same thing as if Obama had forced Americans to buy a second house to inflate the housing bubble. Ritter doesn’t have to worry about citizen outrage over their utility bills being increased to bail out green speculators. After his oil and gas tax hikes wrecked the state economy and sent Colorado’s jobs pouring into Wyoming and Texas, his rock-bottom poll numbers forced him to abandon his re-election bid.

But his radical Green ally, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, hopes to continue the Ritter Agenda. He just announced he’s running for Colorado governor.

I — and a lot of other angry Coloradans — have one question for John Hickenlooper…

Will you repeal the Ritter Energy Price Hike plan if you win in November?

Many of those “angry Coloradans” are members of Western Tradition Partnership. We’re not going to take this lying down.

Hickenlooper’s record doesn’t give us much reason for optimism. As Denver mayor he sank $15 million in city funds into a New York City-based “green jobs” firm.

Oh, and the newly-appointed CEO of this New York City firm was Peter Chapman — Hickenlooper’s economic policy advisor (see earlier post here for details).

How did Hickenlooper’s tax-funded investment into a “green jobs” firm go? According to the Denver Post, “the 2007 contract with Denver requires Seedco to create 153 new jobs, with a minimum of 75. To date, the number is 38 new jobs. Denver responded by dumbing down the requirement for 2009, asking for 83 new jobs. Six months into the year, Seedco has created only six new jobs.”

And Chapman is no longer CEO. After just one year he “split town” and took a position in North Carolina.

So you can see why Western Tradition Partnership members are concerned about Ritter’s Energy Price Hike plan to bail out the speculators looking to make a lot of “green” at taxpayer expense. Under Hickenlooper it could become a permanent entitlement.

Will Hickenlooper promise to repeal the Energy Price Hike scheme?  That’s a question he needs to answer quickly.


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CO Gov Race: Salazar Out; Eco-Extremist Hickenlooper In

Posted on January 8, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

Salazar-Hick Photo

Salazar & Hick - Green Peas in a Pod

Despite down year for Dems, radical environmentalists’ dream scenario emerges -

As Denver suffers from bitter cold along with the rest of the U.S., Sierra Club-types across Colorado are feeling all warm and fuzzy inside with the news that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is on the fast-track to the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2010. Meanwhile, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is going to stay right where he is, doing maximum damage to U.S. energy security (see recent article here on Salazar’s new anti-drilling rules).

“I can give you $100,000 reasons why Coloradans should be concerned with Mayor Hickenlooper’s positions on anti-jobs programs like Cap and Tax and wasteful green projects,” said Jacob Leis, Executive Director of Western Tradition Partnership, referring to the purchase of so-called “carbon offsets” for the Democrat National Convention in 2008 (see document here). “Bill Ritter campaigned as a moderate, but Denver’s Mayor hasn’t bothered to hide his commitment to the hardcore Green agenda.”

In a video featuring Hickenlooper and intended to promote the City of Denver (shown here), liberal descriptives gushed straight from the Obama playbook: “progressive”, “diverse”, “sustainable”, “greening” and “Arts and culture”. No mention of “jobs”.

“One wonders whether Hickenlooper is the kind of person who can get out of the way of the people in creating jobs, or if his obsession with the non-existent ‘New Energy’ economy will simply finish Bill Ritters’ work in destroying jobs and economic activity, especially in the natural resources industries,” added Leis.

Hick’s track record isn’t so hot when it comes to fiscal and financial matters, either. For example, in what should have been a bigger scandal, Hickenlooper insider Peter Chapman headed for the East Coast to head up SeedCo, a new non-profit intended to leverage resources into jobs. The City of Denver then agreed to pump $3million per year into SeedCo, and its performance is a joke at best (see article here). In fact, Hick’s string of failures on his “big ideas” borders on the pathetic (see Post column by former Denver Councilwoman Susan Barnes-Gelt here).

“WTP looks forward to contributing to the public debate on how much all the so-called ‘greening’ of Denver has cost in terms of jobs and the economy, let alone to Federal State, and Local taxpayers,” Leis concluded. “I bet it’s a whopping bill we’re all paying.”

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Obama’s Man Returning to Denver?

Posted on January 7, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

Just hours after announcing new plans to shut down energy development on federal lands, Washington, D.C. insiders report Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has been given the green light to run for Colorado governor. (

And with the power of the White House behind him, you can bet Salazar has an inside track to the nomination.

But why would he give up a cushy job in D.C. to roll the dice and gamble on winning a tougher job in Denver?

Could it all be about who has control over Colorado’s state-controlled land?

You see, Salazar’s announcement that he was trying to shut down energy development (and the jobs and revenue it would create) only covers federal lands.

But radical Greens would love nothing more than to get state-controlled lands in their grasp as well. And they are working hard to shut down all energy development in Colorado, despite the fact it will send thousands of Coloradans to the unemployment line and send taxes skyrocketing and budget deficits spiral out of control.

Is Ken Salazar ready to serve up Colorado’s taxpayer-owned lands to radical Green interests, destroying jobs, raising taxes and making utilities more expensive in the process?

WTP will be keeping an eye on this development.

You’re Gonna Buy Some Carbon Credits, See?

Posted on January 1, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

Psssttt . . . hey buddy,  I got a nice deal on some carbon credits, straight off the docks.


If the eco-left gets its way, this won’t be such a far-fetched scenario.

Earlier this month, Europe’s top law enforcement agency (Europol) reported the continent’s so-called “Cap and Trade” system is under the control of organized crime.

Lawmakers and energy experts say the massive theft and fraud Cap and Trade has fostered in Europe should be a “red flag” to U.S. lawmakers who want to recreate the system in the United States, according to Fox News. Europol reports over the last 18 months, $7.4 billion in fraudulent credits have been purchased from organized crime figures. Under “cap and trade” businesses cannot exceed certain carbon dioxide output limits, unless they buy government issued “credits” allowing them to produce more (in effect, a tax on carbon dioxide.)

Europol estimates in some countries up to 90 percent of the entire market volume was caused by fraudulent activities. “These criminal activities endanger the credibility of the European Union Emission Trading System,” said Rob Wainwright, Europol’s director.

As is the case in Europe, it’s only a matter of time before organized crime gets into the cap and trade “racket”.

Fight back – Click here to sign our “No Cap and Tax” petition if you haven’t already done so“If you know what’s good for you!”

Right now, the Cap and Tax system just one U.S. Senate floor vote away from passage invites “corruption, illegality and criminal activity,” much as it has in Europe, said Max Schulz, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

”This is the problem with politicians trying to create a market for something that the free market otherwise doesn’t value,” Schulz said. “An emissions trading market is an artificially, politically-created market….

“If we pass a system like Europe has, we’re going to get all the problems Europe has experienced,” he said. “You’re asking for a lot of problems.”

And that includes a surge in criminal activity and fraud in the carbon credit “market” – an opportunity Tony Soprano would love to get a piece of.

Western Tradition Partnership members aren’t about to sit back and let our economy get “whacked”!

Stay tuned, because we’ll be covering what is likely the first major prosecution of cap-and-trade fraud in the United States – a case in which records are set to be unsealed in early January 2010.

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