Your special briefing on the deadly wolf “reintroduction” program

Posted on May 10, 2010 by Quallurce

WHO: Jim Beers, former Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations
WHAT: Public presentation on fraud and deceit employed in the dangerous wolf “reintroduction” program
WHEN: Sunday, May 16, 2010
WHERE: Gran Tree Inn in Bozeman, Montana

Jim Beers, former Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations, will address the lies, deceit and fraud employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the state wildlife agencies in Montana and Idaho and environmental groups to illegally introduce Canadian wolves where they were never native, nor endangered.

His presentation begins at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 16, 2010, at the Gran Tree Inn in Bozeman, Montana.   Admission is free.

 ”This is the first time I have spoken exclusively on this subject of all the violations of law committed by government bureaucrats, non-governmental organizations, Washington lobbyists and political appointees who introduced and spread wolves in the West,” states Jim Beers, who worked in various capacities with USFWS for 32 years.

He is probably best known for his role in exposing the USFWS theft of up to $60 million from funds collected as excise taxes on sporting firearms, ammunition and fishing tackle.  This money is to be distributed back to state wildlife agencies for habitat improvement and to provide greater outdoor opportunities for sportsmen.  (In 2009, the amount divided nationwide totaled more than $700 million.)  The millions embezzled by USFWS went into a slush fund used for agency appointee bonuses and for other unauthorized purposes.  Beers claims one of those purposes was to provide illegal funding for reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone – funding Congress refused to provide. 

Other wolf introduction issues he will address include the improper and illegal manner in which federal and state wildlife agencies justified wolf introduction, the false claims made by these agencies and how the legal intervention by environmental organizations, such as the Defenders of Wildlife, is very much to blame for the dramatic drop in elk, deer and other big game numbers. 

There will be an hour long question and comment period following the presentation, followed by an hour long reception. 

This presentation is wholly sponsored by Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd.  Its purpose is to unify those who have been harmed by the illegal forced introduction of wolves by federal and state wildlife agencies and to fund a lawsuit to put an end to the destruction wolves are dealing our wildlife resources. 

Every sportsman who hunts, or anyone who just enjoys watching wildlife, needs to attend this presentation.

WTP: Kagan pick makes SCOTUS the green lobby’s consigliere

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WTP: Kagan pick makes SCOTUS the green lobby’s consigliere
With record of radical green extremism, Kagan’s job is to quash constitutional challenges to Cap and Tax, carbon dioxide regulation

WASHINGTON – America’s largest grassroots opponent of environmental extremism blasted President Barack Obama’s nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court on Monday, citing her record of radical environmental activism.

“With a well-earned reputation for imposing the radical environmentalist agenda on Americans, Elena Kagan is too far outside the mainstream and too ignorant of constitutional restraints to serve on the Supreme Court,” said Donny Ferguson, Western Tradition Partnership’s National Director of Media and Public Relations.

“With the Obama administration vowing to impose radical schemes like Cap and Tax and the government regulation of carbon dioxide even if Congress votes to tell him no, this is transparent attempt to put his personal consigliere on the Court to quash any challenges,” said Ferguson.

“Kagan’s nomination is a clear signal Obama sees our constitutional system of checks and balances as a threat to his radical green agenda.  Her job is to transform the Supreme Court from a constitutional watchdog to the radical green lobby’s lapdog” said Ferguson.

Obama picked Kagan as the government’s top lawyer last year chiefly because of her expertise in and commitment to using courts to impose environmentalist policy — with an eye on moving her to the Supreme Court. 

 “Under Kagan, we are likely to see the government take a less hostile approach to environmental enforcement,” a jubilant Matt Kenna of the Western Environmental Center told The New York Times upon her Solicitor General nomination last year. 

The Times reported “expanding regulatory enforcement of wetlands under the Clean Water Act and broadening the applicability of the Endangered Species Act to include the effects of climate change” may be at the top of her agenda.

A darling of the “green” activists who believe courts and judges should actively prosecute and punish employers, Kagan spearheaded the development of an “environmental jurisprudence” program while dean of the Harvard Law School.

“She left a nationally visible mark on environmental law at Harvard,” Jim Rossi, a visiting environmental law professor at Harvard, told the Times. “For many years, Harvard was not known for a primary expertise in the environmental jurisprudence, and that changed under Dean Kagan’s watch.”

As an advocate of aggressively using courts to legislate the radical green agenda, many of Kagan’s hires at Harvard are now shaping policy for the Obama administration.  One, Jody Freeman, is now Obama’s counselor for energy and climate change in the Obama White House.

Supported by grassroots members, WTP is a fast-growing, grassroots-supported non-profit organization dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources.  For more information, go to  For more information on this issue, or to schedule an interview, contact Donny Ferguson at 703-200-3669 or at

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WTP shelves costly ballot initiative, puts the question to legislators

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WTP shelves costly ballot initiative, puts the question to legislators
Expense of ballot process, strong public support compels group to pursue legislative fix

DENVER — With polls showing the public strongly supporting consumer choice and lower prices for energy, a Colorado citizens group announced May 7 they would shelve plans to pursue an expensive ballot initiative and instead pursue those issues in next year’s General Assembly.

“Polls show people overwhelmingly support affordable energy and consumer choice, but putting the issue on the ballot requires tremendous time and money,” said Dan Fuchs, Western Tradition Partnership’s Director of Government Relations and a former term-limited Montana state legislator.  “We can be just as effective without expending those tremendous resources by focusing on legislative action.”

“Rather than let them off the hook, we are going to hold legislators accountable.  They are the ones who stripped utility customers of voter-approved consumer protections,” said Fuchs.  “We’re going to make legislators fix this because they’re the ones who broke it.”

WTP will instead educate voters on how their representatives in the General Assembly stand on the issue, and compel legislators to take action on energy affordability issues in next year’s legislative session.  Focusing on legislative action saves the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars and frees it up to tackle multiple issues this year like preserving property rights and access to state lands, restricting frivolous environmentalist lawsuits and fighting various tax hikes.

“Why go through the colossal financial and manpower expense of collecting 76,000 signatures to put it on the ballot and run a statewide campaign when we have the broad public support to simply make legislators do their job and fix it themselves?,” said Fuchs.

“Now we’re putting the ball in every legislator’s court.  Will they side with hardworking Coloradans, or will they side with the radical activist groups who are driving up utility bills?,” said Fuchs.

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