Obama sides against radical greens in emissions suits, but not for the reason you think

Posted on August 26, 2010 by Quallurce

“The Obama administration has riled up environmental groups by siding with big utilities in a lawsuit over whether states can sue power plant operators for contributing to climate change,” The Wall Street Journal reports today.

“We are appalled,” David Doniger, policy director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s climate center, tells the Journal.

Has Obama finally seen the light and realized his radical green agenda is largely responsible for destroying our economy?

Not in the least.

In court filings, Obama is fighting the radical greens’ attempt to sue away America’s power plants for one simple reason — he’s already sicced the EPA on America’s employers, including power plants.

“It isn’t that the Obama administration is in favor of unfettered emissions. The Department of Justice brief, filed with the Supreme Court this week, says the Environmental Protection Agency is already on the job, and doesn’t need help from private plaintiffs,” the Journal reports.

“EPA has already begun taking actions to address carbon-dioxide emissions,” a brief filed by Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal says.

In other words, “thanks for the help destroying jobs, but Obama’s already on this one.”

White House whitewashes website

Posted on August 23, 2010 by Quallurce

Imposing billions in new energy taxes on Americans is still one of Barack Obama’s top priorities.  But even the staunchly radical green White House is dodging Americans’ heated opposition to the national energy tax.  

Washington Examiner editor Mark Tapscott has the story:

“The White House has recently revised its energy and environment website, stripping references to a cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases and a pledge to funnel $150 billion into clean energy research. Gone from the site is a section titled ‘Closing the Carbon Loophole and Cracking Down on Polluters,’” reports Energy & Environment…  

“…The trade publication cited a firm that tracks web site changes to suggest that those pages on the White House web site were likely removed sometime around June 23…  

“…The updated site also omits a pledge from President Obama to invest $150 billion in clean energy research and development over 10 years. That may be because the White House won’t have a way to fund the commitment; Obama’s 2010 budget slated $120 billion from cap-and-trade climate revenue toward clean energy technologies. The White House did not respond to requests for comment.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/White-House-web-site-has-a-disappearing-Cap-and-Trade-Act–101169889.html#ixzz0xTIiYy8d

Obama goes around Congress, targets nation’s power plants for shutdown

Posted on August 16, 2010 by Quallurce

Undeterred by the fact Congress will not authorize him to shut down the nation’s coal-fired power plants, as he promised to do on the campaign trail when he vowed to “bankrupt” the coal industry, Barack Obama’s EPA will begin simply making up their own rules on carbon dioxide.  On the chopping block — the power plants that supply your home with affordable energy.

“EPA is preparing to tighten restrictions on interstate air pollution from power plants under its planned ‘transport’ rule. It will open a second front when it regulates greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired generators, based on its endangerment finding on the threat posed by man-made greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,” The New York Times reports this morning.

The Obama administration is also using the lack of federal rules on so-called “greenhouse gasses” to issue their own intentionally draconian rules in a cruel bid to shut down power plants, forcing Congress to adopting jo-killing rules Americans don’t want – which isn’t much different than the Mafia torching a restaurant to bully its owners into paying protection money.

“NARUC is united that the uncertainty in Congress is hurting state regulatory commissions, and for that reason, we are supporting federal climate legislation to remove those uncertainties,” said Ron Binz, spokesman for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, a group representing bureaucrats.

Yes, bureaucrats argue the “uncertainty” of not having free reign to impose national energy taxes and “caps” on carbon dioxide is worse than the crippling economic harms, thousands of dollars per family in higher prices for good and services and as many as 5.1 million jobs lost each year.

Well, WTP has a solution.  Eliminate the “uncertainty” by making the EPA’s powers clear.  WTP supports legislation stripping the radical greens’ federally-authorized goon squad of the authority to issue their own rules.  Federal regulations affecting civilians should never be created and enforced by unelected bureaucrats, but only by a recorded, stand-alone, affirmative vote of Congress.

You want certainty?  Strip federal regulators of any authority to police carbon dioxde.  That’s the kind of certainty our economy, our jobs, our property and our freedoms can live with.

Read the full New York Times article by clicking here.

WTP takes aim at wolf hunt ruling

Posted on August 6, 2010 by Quallurce

WTP takes aim at wolf hunt ruling
‘Our jobs, our freedoms and our native elk are being wiped out by two invasive foreign species – radical greens and Canadian gray wolves.’

BILLINGS – America’s largest grassroots advocate of property rights and sensible environmental policies differed sharply with Thursday’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy striking down managed gray wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana.

“Our jobs, our freedoms and our native elk are being wiped out by two invasive foreign species – radical greens and Canadian gray wolves,” said Dan Fuchs, Western Tradition Partnership’s Director of Government Affairs and term-limited former Montana state representative.  “Invasive wolf populations are booming.  It’s the rights of ranchers that are endangered.”

“The tremendous toll on our livestock and declining elk herds from these invasive pests requires we listen to reason, not radical green activists.  The gray wolf is not endangered and it is human meddling by radical greens that is killing our native species.  Their numbers are beyond what they should be in nature, and this ruling will further eradicate our native herds of majestic elk,” said Fuchs.

“The Canadian gray wolf must be removed from the so-called ‘endangered species’ list.  Their numbers are beyond what is natural and they are under no threat of extinction.  The same cannot be said for our jobs, our livestock and our game herds, all of which are threatened by radical greens,” said Fuchs.

Molloy, a Clinton appointee, ruled the Endangered Species Act does not allow authorities to manage wolf populations differently in different states.  Strictly monitored hunts to control wolves are allowed in Montana and Idaho, but no hunts are allowed in Wyoming. 

“Malloy’s ruling is flawed and contradictory. It is not pragmatic or reasonable and is without regard. The only thing endangered is common sense within our judicial system,” said Fuchs.

Supported by grassroots members, WTP is a fast-growing, non-profit organization dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources. 

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Print out the Lame Duck Pledge. Give it to your representatives.

Posted on August 2, 2010 by Quallurce

Since your congressman and two senators are supposed to spend August back home speaking with you, can I ask you to attend their town halls and public meetings and tell them in person?

Click here or go to http://www.westerntradition.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Lame-Duck-Senate-Pledge.pdf to download and print out a copy of the Pledge for your two senators.

Click here or go to http://www.westerntradition.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Lame-Duck-House-Pledge.pdf to download and print out a copy of the Pledge for your congressman.

And feel free to e-mail these Pledges to your representatives.  Keep up the pressure on your representatives to sign the Pledge between now and the Sept. 10 deadline.

WTP challenges lawmakers to oppose lame duck energy tax plan – in writing

Posted on by Quallurce

Monday, August 2, 2010
Contact: Donny Ferguson, donny.f@westerntradition.org or 703-200-3669

WTP challenges lawmakers to oppose lame duck energy tax plan – in writing
Written pledge faxed to every House, Senate office with Sept. 10 deadline

WASHINGTON — America’s largest grassroots advocate of property rights and sensible environmental policies has sent every member of Congress a written pledge committing them to oppose a plan by congressional leaders to use a “lame duck” session of Congress to impose a national energy tax.  Senators and representatives have until Sept. 10 to sign and return it.

“If Congress thinks Americans were angry about ‘deem and pass,’ just wait until WTP tells their constituents about the lame duck national energy tax plan.  American overwhelmingly oppose Barack Obama’s national energy tax, and they’ll hold accountable any lawmaker who goes along with plans to wait until after the election to use legislative tricks to impose one.  Any effort to impose a national energy tax during a lame duck session doesn’t just damage our economy, it damages what little trust Americans have for their lawmakers in the next few months,” said Donny Ferguson, Western Tradition Partnership Executive Director.

“Lawmakers have a duty to give their word, in writing, that they answer to their constituents and not Barack Obama’s radical green agenda,” said Ferguson.  “Between now and the lame duck session WTP will hold accountable lawmakers who refuse to return their pledge, by speaking directly to their constituents.”

WTP’s “’No Cap and Tax’ Lame Duck Pledge” was faxed to every House and Senate office beginning Friday.  Senators and representatives are asked to give their written promise to oppose proposed efforts to wait until after the November elections to impose a national energy tax plan.

The pledge reads: “I (name of lawmaker) pledge I will oppose any and all efforts to impose any form of cap, price, limit or tax on carbon or other so-called ‘greenhouse gases,’ including all procedural votes and motions, in any ‘lame duck’ session of Congress.”

Numerous experts and media outlets report Democrat leaders like Rep. Henry Waxman will take advantage of a conference committee that will hammer out differences between House and Senate energy bills to insert a national energy tax the Senate did not approve.  John Fund of The Wall Street Journal, for example, writes Obama “wants to pass a modest energy bill this summer, then add carbon taxes or regulations in a conference committee with the House, most likely during a lame-duck session.”

Supported by grassroots members, WTP is a fast-growing, grassroots-supported non-profit organization dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources.  The citizens’ group educates the public and lobbies legislators on issues of environmental extremism and promotes responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources.

For more information on WTP, go to http://www.westerntradition.org.  For more information on this issue, or to schedule an interview, contact Executive Director Donny Ferguson at 703-200-3669 or at donny.f@westerntradition.org.

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