“Conservation Voters” agenda costs 18-term congressman his job

Posted on December 25, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

Ron Arnold, writing in today’s Washington Examiner, reports on how Big Green’s job-killing agenda led to one case of job loss in Minnesota.

Eighteen-term incumbent Congressman Jim Oberstar, considered unbeatable, now has plenty of time to read up on sound, non-political, climate science after losing to a long-shot candidate who exposed Oberstar’s hate-filled “green” agenda and 100% League of Conservation Voters rating.

Political novice Chip Cravaack came out of nowhere and beat one of the most powerful Democrats in the congressional Big Green machine: Minnesota’s longest serving, 18-term Rep. Jim Oberstar, chairman of an important committee and an influential global warming believer…

Don Parmeter — a native of northern Minnesota, 35-year veteran of environmental politics, and co-chair of the National Water & Conservation Alliance — said the entire district was worried about a different Oberstar monstrosity: the Clean Water Restoration Act. Oberstar wrote and introduced it as chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Unbelievably, it removed the word “navigable” from “waters of the United States” and substituted a list of more than 15 kinds of wet places (including “sandflats”) and all watersheds, ending with the horrifying clause “are subject to the legislative power of Congress.”…

…Then Oberstar warned that global warming was destroying everything and we must pass cap and trade regulations, to loud jeers and booing. Oberstar looked out at his audience and arrogantly said, “Global warming is real. You must be members of the Flat Earth Society.”

“Insulting the constituency is what killed his vote,” said Parmeter. The Duluth News-Tribune quickly endorsed Cravaack.

Big Wind blows billions in subsidy cash

Posted on December 24, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

The Wall Street Journal editorializes on the utter failure of government-subsidized Big Wind programs.  Big Wind, along with other Big Green lobby will push hard in the next Congress for an Expensive Energy Mandate, copied after various state laws forcing consumers to get a certain percentage of energy from expensive wind and solar speculators. ( You can read it here.)

The laws are needed to bail out speculators who sank millions into failing wind and solar energy experiments, which Denise Bode, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, admit cannot survive without government handouts.  It seems their product is inferior, unreliable and hideously expensive, meaning government edicts are the only way to get people to buy it.

The Journal reports:

“The industry also wants a federal renewable energy standard, which would require utilities to buy power from green energy projects regardless of price. Without that additional subsidy, AWEA concedes that wind power will “stall out.” It is lobbying for billions of dollars of subsidies to cover the cost of hooking off-shore wind projects to the electricity transmission grid. And now that the cap-and-tax scheme on coal and oil and gas has failed in Congress, the windmillers want the EPA to use regulation to raise costs on carbon sources of power…

“According to an analysis by Chris Horner, an energy expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the stimulus bill’s subsidies for renewable energy cost taxpayers about $475,000 for every job generated. That’s at least four times what it costs a nonsubsidized private firm to create a job—a lousy return on investment even for government.

“The wind industry claims to employ 85,000 Americans. That’s almost certainly an exaggeration, but if it is true it compares with roughly 140,000 miners and others directly employed by the coal industry. Wind accounts for a little more than 1% of electricity generation and coal almost 50%. So it takes at least 25 times more workers to produce a kilowatt of electricity from wind as from coal.

“Given this level of inefficiency, it’s no wonder that wind and solar energy require at least 20 times more in government subsidies per unit of electricity generated than the average for coal and natural gas, according to a 2007 study by the Energy Information Administration.”

Obama’s Christmas power grab

Posted on by Donald Ferguson

The Associated Press said it best about Obama’s Big Green Christmas Ambush:

Stymied in Congress, the Obama administration is moving unilaterally to clamp down on power plant and oil refinery greenhouse emissions, announcing plans for developing new standards over the next year…

…President Barack Obama had said two days after the midterm elections that he was disappointed Congress hadn’t acted on legislation achieving the same end, signaling that other options were under consideration…

You can read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/politics/2010/12/epa-moving-unilaterally-limit-greenhouse-gases-0#ixzz1935hYrHk

This means not only do we have to continue fighting the radical environmentalists who still control Congress, but we need to fight the bureaucracy as well.

That’s why we are working for a recorded vote on, and passage of, legislation restoring Congress’ constitutional authority as the ONLY lawmaking federal body.

Under the law we seek, unelected federal bureaucrats could no longer simply make up and enforce their own laws.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated with anything else I see.  In the meantime, be sure to enjoy this Christmas season with your family, friends and loved ones.

Obama launches Christmas drive to grab land, steal jobs

Posted on December 23, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

Waiting until the Christmas season when activists and reporters aren’t paying as close attention, the Obama administration announced Thursday it was issuing an order overturning  2003 Interior Department policy preserving access to millions of acres of land.

The new Obama dictate cuts off access to millions of acres of property, a massive government-ordered land grab carried out at the behest of radical environmentalist lobbyists.

“That policy stated that new areas could not be recommended for wilderness protection by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. It opened millions of acres in the Rocky Mountain region to potential commercial development,” the Associated Press reports.

“The policy allowed oil and gas drilling, mining and other commercial uses on land under consideration as wilderness areas.  Salazar’s reversal means that the BLM will set up new criteria to decide which lands should get federal wilderness designation,” the AP reports.

“Barack Obama offered millions of Americans a massive lump of coal this Christmas.  A nation already in the depth of economic suffering and recession has been robbed of millions of potential new jobs by a White House under the control of Big Green,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.
“The new Obama ‘wilderness’ rules are part of an admitted agenda by radical greens to destroy jobs and drive out humans.  The White House is carrying out the orders of a radical sect who openly state they believe humans and capitalism are a threat to Mother Earth, and the extermination of both is necessary to ‘save the planet.’  Locking up millions of acres and declaring it off-limits to responsible development is how they say they will achieve this,” said Ferguson.
“This radical act of land-grabbing means thousands of hard-working Americans were told this Christmas season they soon won’t have jobs.”

Rockefeller folds, EPA will begin job-killing carbon crackdown

Posted on by Donald Ferguson

With the EPA barreling ahead with Big Green’s plan to use unchecked, unaccountable bureaucrats to impose its radical agenda by force, ATP’s efforts are more critical than ever for a recorded vote on, and passage of, legislation mandating that major federal regulations can only be enacted by an affirmative, stand-along vote of Congress.

Especially since many major corporations actually support Big Green’s move to radically expand the powers of its regulatory army.  The loss of millions of jobs and billions in income hurt their smaller competitors more than it will hurt them, and they are willing to take the blow in order to have the EPA “clear the field of competitors.”  Millions of unemployed family providers and consumers slammed by higher prices will be hurt the most without such reforms.

The New York Times reports:

It is now full-speed ahead for federal climate regulations set to take effect on Jan. 2 after the final legislative challenge to their implementation was put on ice Friday afternoon.

West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D) said he is postponing his push for a vote on his bill to enact a two-year timeout on U.S. EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases due to lack of bipartisan support…

To hear industry lobbyists tell it, the new year will now bring dark days for large power plants.

They have argued that the climate regulations will halt new projects or trigger their movement beyond U.S. borders…

Solar speculator halted in bid to bulldoze environment for Obama cash

Posted on December 22, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

In the latest act of green-on-green violence, a federal judge has halted construction on a massive solar plant that would have required the bulldozing of 6,000 acres of environmentally sensitive desert and prehistoric Indian sites.

“Local and statewide activists battling massive energy projects on public lands are praising a decision issued by U.S. District Court Judge Larry Burns yesterday, while the CEO of Tessera Solar says he is ‘deeply disappointed’ in the ruling,” Miriam Raftery of East County Magazine reports.

“The federal Judge issued a temporary restraining order halting construction on the first massive desert solar project authorized on public lands—a project that if built, would be one of the largest solar power plants in the world.

“The Court ruled that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management failed to adequately consult with the tribe regarding protection of 459 cultural resources identified at 300 locations on the site in Imperial County. Burns noted that the BLM’s draft environmental impact statement found that the project ‘may wholly or partially destroy all archaeological sites on the surface of the project area.’

“The 10-mile-long project would entail scraping 6,000 acres of the desert floor and installing massive parabolic mirrored Sun Catchers made by Stirling Energy Systems. The project could produce 1,000 MW of power by 2012 and is slated to provide power to be transmitted over SDG&E’s Sunrise Powerlink lines through San Diego’s East County.”

East County reports Tessera Solar, which survives thanks to government handouts because its product cannot compete in a fair market, is pressing to rush the environmentally devastating program in order to qualify for Obama stimulus funds.

Bulldozing the heritage of Native Americans and destroying the environment to make unearned cash?  Yes, that’s the green agenda.

You can read more about this fight between greens and Native Americans, and the split in the “green” community, at http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/node/5023.

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