Policy for profit?: Obama Keystone delay may pump cash into Buffett’s pockets

Posted on November 17, 2011 by Donald Ferguson

As the White House fights to stop investigations into allegations Obama green-lit the doomed half-billion dollar taxpayer-backed Solyndra loan in order to enrich donor George Kaiser, another “green” policy finds itself swirling in scandal and allegations of policymaking-for-payoffs.

“Killing the Keystone XL pipeline may help one of the world’s richest men get richer. North Dakota’s booming oil fields will now grow more dependent on a railroad the president’s economic guru just bought,” Investor’s Business Daily writes.

“…Interestingly, another billionaire, Obama economic inspiration Warren Buffett, stands to benefit from the Keystone XL pipeline delay.

“As oil production ramps up in the Bakken fields of North Dakota, plans to use the pipeline to transport it have been dashed.

“As a result, North Dakota’s booming oil producers will have to rely even more on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad, which Buffett just bought, to ship it to refineries.

“Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to buy Burlington Northern Santa Fe in a deal valuing the railroad at $34 billion. Berkshire Hathaway already owns about 22% of Burlington Northern, and will pay $100 a share in cash and stock for the rest of the company,” IBD writes.

“This is just more proof so-called ‘green’ policies are nothing more than brazen attempts to funnel taxpayer money into politically-connected pockets,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.  “The only environment Obama’s ‘green’ policies protect is the health of his campaign account.”


Posted on November 16, 2011 by Donald Ferguson

Dear ATP supporter,

Barack Obama obliterated 20,000 American jobs.

Just to try and save his own.

   Obama, realizing the political price he would pay for killing the Keystone jobs pipeline, has “delayed” a decision on the project until after next year’s presidential election.

Americans want the pipeline.

The 25,000 petitions we turned in, including that of brave citizens like you, made that clear.

But with gas prices rising and unemployment hovering around ten percent, Obama and Gang Green hope delaying a decision means you and I will forget about the issue.

   In the meantime, 20,000 American jobs were lost, gas prices continue to rise and Gang Green was just given more time to wage their multi-million dollar media war to kill the pipeline.

Just to take the political heat off a president who ran and hid when asked to stand up for jobs.

In their White House strategy sessions, Obama and Gang Green decided that causing even more workers to lose their jobs over a delay is worth this shameless attempt to wait until after he faces voters to attack jobs.

When working Americans needed him to lower gas prices and approve tens of thousands of new jobs, he ran and hid.

What a gutless coward.

With your help, American Tradition Partnership won’t let Obama succeed.

I want to take this Keystone pipeline issue and hold Obama accountable for it.

Please go here to chip in $25 or more to help me make sure Obama can’t hide from the Keystone pipeline.

You and I pushed this issue to the front burner when you signed your petition.

Your support is the only thing that will eventually get the pipeline approved.

Now with your help we can bombard him and voters with phone calls, e-mails, letters, faxes…and newspaper, TV and radio ads letting everyone know Barack Obama just obliterated 20,000 jobs and sent gas prices skyrocketing.

If Barack Obama thinks delaying a decision until after the election means he can avoid the issue this election…


So please go here to chip in $25 or more to help me hold Barack Obama accountable for killing 20,000 jobs yesterday and sending gas prices even higher.


Donald Ferguson

Executive Director

P.S. Unable to explain to voters his opposition to the Keystone jobs pipeline, and terrified of paying a political price for it, Obama announced yesterday he was “delaying” a decision on approving the permit until after the 2012 elections.  That announcement killed 20,000 immediate jobs — just to save his own.

If he thinks it will work, he’s wrong.  But I need your help.  Please go here to chip in $25 or more to help me make sure Obama can’t hide from the Keystone pipeline.

With your help we can bombard him and voters with phone calls, e-mails, letters, faxes…and newspaper, TV and radio ads letting everyone know Barack Obama just obliterated 20,000 jobs and sent gas prices skyrocketing.

Chevy Volt starts house fires while charging, bursts into flames after accidents

Posted on November 15, 2011 by Donald Ferguson

The Chevy Volt electric car, America’s Obama-mandated “green” experiment with creating a “people’s car,” is running into lots of problems.

For one, nine months into the year, they’ve only shipped 3,895 off the lot, Wired reports.  In fact, in September sales numbers reveal GM sold only 723 Volts.  Nearly all of the pathetically few Volts that have been purchased were bought by the government in a bid to falsely inflate sales numbers.

Chevy doesn’t even want to make them, but are forced to under orders from Obama.

But now the Obama flop has an even bigger problems…

…not only does it seem to set fire to the homes of its owners

…it seems the Volt itself has a tendency to spontaneously combust.

Not only is Obama’s “green” car selling worse than the Edsel, it’s as dangerous as the Ford Pinto.

Letter to the Editor: Voters reject Malcolm Baldwin’s low blows

Posted on November 11, 2011 by Donald Ferguson


Dear Editor:

Ever since the now-failed Chesapeake Bay Property Control Plan was proposed, advocates for farmers and homeowners faced a barrage of false attacks on their character and motivations by supervisors, candidates and operatives aligned with the wealthy environmentalist crowd.

Many of the nastiest attacks were directed at American Tradition Partnership’s grassroots members, and myself particularly. On election night, voters corrected the record.

Among the worst offenders was Catoctin District Supervisor candidate Malcolm Baldwin.

In a Nov. 4 Leesburg Today article on American Tradition Partnership’s candidate survey program Baldwin stated “no sane person” would agree radical environmentalism harms Loudoun farmers and homeowners.

The newspaper quote was one of many passive-aggressive low blows thrown this year by Mr. Baldwin, who would then try to obfuscate his attacks by putting on the air of a country gentleman.

Mr. Baldwin also accused me personally of “dirty tricks” and conducting “a last minute push to scare people and hurt our campaign.”

Undeterred, I telephoned thousands of Catoctin voters the day before the election urging them to seek out Mr. Baldwin at their polling location and politely ask him to consider changing his harmful position.

In the end those voters judged it was he, not farmers and homeowners, whose position was wrong.

That’s what American Tradition Partnership is about. Accountability.

The election results should serve as a warning to future Boards of Supervisors to never again propose a Property Control Act, or engage in the smear tactics we saw over the past year and a half.

Donald E. Ferguson, Alexandria

Executive Director, American Tradition Partnership

UT/Environmental Defense Fund study: Fracking safe, clean for groundwater

Posted on November 10, 2011 by Donald Ferguson

A new study conducted by the University of Texas and the radical environmentalist group Environmental Defense Fund finds no link whatsoever between hydraulic fracturing and groundwater contamination.

Safe, clean “fracking” has been conducted for 60 years, but radical environmentalists are just now making false accusations about the technology in a bid to scare Americans into opposing energy development.

“Prior reports, investigations and data gathered throughout the country on claims that the process often called fracking contaminated ground water so far don’t make the direct link, said Chip Groat, a UT geologist who is leading the study,” the Houston Chronicle reports.


Wipeout: Ches Bay plan supporters washed away in Tuesday election

Posted on November 8, 2011 by Donald Ferguson

* Ferguson telephones voters of Catoctin, Blue Ridge, Broad Run and Leesburg districts Monday to inform them of opportunity to lobby candidates at the polls
* Baldwin goes down to surprising defeat after two district-wide phone calls into Catoctin in four days, but efforts of citizens not wasted
* Ferguson: “I still would like Mr. Baldwin to kindly return his survey”

LEESBURG — Just a few short months after American Tradition Partnership led a deluge of phone calls, e-mails and public comments in opposition to a proposed Chesapeake Bay Property Control Plan, that turned what appeared to be a 6-3 vote in favor passage into a majority vote to table the measure, voters Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected Board of Supervisors candidates who supported continuing work on the Chesapeake Bay Property Control Plan.

“The millionaires’ club in favor of the Property Control Plan has gone from six votes in favor to none, and lost three incumbents in the process.  They got wiped out, and washed away, as voters cleaned up government,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.  “Thank you to the many American Tradition Partnership supporters across Loudoun County who have been calling, writing, e-mailing and speaking with officials and candidates.  Because of their pressure every member of the new Board opposes the Property Control Plan.”

ATP lobbies on issues using grassroots pressure, and does not advocate the election or defeat of any candidate or ballot measure.

Ferguson fully credited Loudoun residents with keeping up the pressure against plans to resurrect the Property Control Plan, prompting candidates to either oppose it or try to cover up their support.  Ferguson also fully credited incoming Board members for pressuring their opponents on the issue.

As part of ATP’s ongoing campaign to defeat the Property Control Plan, Ferguson telephoned the of voters of the Catoctin, Blue Ridge, Broad Run and Leesburg Districts Monday afternoon, informing them Tuesday was an election and they had an opportunity to lobby candidates at the polls to oppose plans to take away their property rights.  Poll hours and locations were provided.

Voters in the Blue Ridge, Broad Run, Catoctin and Leesburg Districts were informed liberal Jim Burton and Obama Democrats Malcolm Baldwin, Andrea McGimsey and Kelly Burk still supported the Property Control Act.  They were urged to keep and eye out for them at the polls and politely ask them to renounce their position.

“I asked tens of thousands of voters to please politely ask Jim Burton, Malcolm Baldwin, Andrea McGimsey and Kelly Burk to renounce their plans to impose the Property Control Plan on Loudoun.  None of them will now get that opportunity, but the effort was not wasted.  I urge them all, especially Mr. Baldwin, to join me in continuing to oppose the Property Control Plan as a private citizen.”

When the new Board convenes in January, no member will have publicly voiced support for the Property Control Plan.  Ferguson fully credited Loudoun residents with keeping up the pressure against plans to resurrect the Property Control Plan, prompting candidates to either oppose it or try to cover up their support.  Ferguson also fully credited incoming Board members for pressuring their opponents on the issue.

“ATP does not advocate for or against candidates.  We just lobby on issues.  The voters and the candidates made this change happen,” said Ferguson.

Since ATP’s citizen lobbying program began last year, Ferguson called Blue Ridge District four times exposing Burton’s support for the Property Control Plan.

Ferguson also called voters in the Catoctin District twice over the last four days urging them to ask Obama Democrat Malcolm Baldwin to renounce his plans to resurrect the liberal Property Control Plan.

“I still would like Mr. Baldwin to kindly return his survey,” said Ferguson.

“Big thanks also go to the Loudoun Environmental Council, who did an amazing job of researching and scientifically examining the dangerous Property Control Plan, and then getting that information out to the public.  Loudoun’s farmers, employers and homeowners owe the LEC a huge debt of thanks,” said Ferguson.

“We will continue our campaign to keep the Property Control Plan from being dredged up, and to hold Loudoun officials to the highest standard of openness and accountability,” said Ferguson.

Along with its success in lobbying Loudoun officials, in just the last few months ATP has:

*      Killed Barack Obama’s “Cap and Tax” bill in Congress.
*      Along with allies, collected the signatures of 750,000 Americans in support of the Keystone XL pipeline, which transports Canadian oil across the United States to Southeast Texas for refining.
*      Won House Judiciary Committee approval of the REINS Act, which strips federal bureaucrats of their power to propose and enforce major federal regulations.  The bill will now be approved by the full House before moving to the Senate.
*      Filed a federal lawsuit against Colorado to repeal the state’s Expensive Energy Mandate, which forces consumers to buy more expensive wind and solar power against their will.
*      Filed a lawsuit against Montana to stop their ongoing harassment and false smear campaigns against conservative groups, which has already been blasted by federal courts as “petty bureaucratic harassment.”  Montana officials have openly admitted they have no evidence conservative groups have done any wrong and every district attorney has refused to even look into the politically-motivated accusations.
*      Won national headlines along with our federal free speech lawsuit against Montana which allows small employers to spend money on independent political expenditures.
*      Won a federal free speech lawsuit against a liberal Colorado city who passed a law requiring residents to essentially get permission from the government before saying or publishing anything critical of the liberal city council.
*      Stopped a plan by liberals in the U.S. Senate to protect the EPA’s plans to declare carbon dioxide a toxic pollutant.
*      Launched a national campaign to debunk phony claims about natural gas development using safe, clean hydraulic fracturing.
*      Sank plans by Newt Gingrich to win the 2011 CPAC conservative conference’s famous Straw Poll.  With a coveted speaking slot, exhibiting organization and book signing, hosting three panels and a reception and screening two films, Gingrich’s presence dominated that of other presumptive presidential candidates.  CPAC looked to be a launching pad for a Gingrich presidential bid.  Instead, the Republican powerhouse cratered after ATP informed voters of Gingrich’s long record of supporting massive tax hikes, increased government power and international regulatory regimes to enforce what he calls “environmental compliance.”

ATP does not advocate the election or defeat of candidates.  Supported by grassroots members, ATP is a fast-growing non-profit citizens’ group dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting private property rights and responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources.

Donald Ferguson is the Executive Director of American Tradition Partnership.  Born and raised in Beaumont, Texas, birthplace of the oil industry, Ferguson attended Texas A&M University and has been involved in free-market advocacy and political organizing for two decades.  He also serves as an advisor to political campaigns, lobbying groups, non-profit organizations and businesses across the United States and in Africa and served the residents of Loudoun County for seven years as a chief of staff on the Board of Supervisors.

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