House Energy Committee: Obama’s Solyndra bailout illegal

Posted on July 26, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

The House Energy and Commerce Committee reports the Department of Energy’s decision to move Solyndra’s wealthy investors ahead of taxpayers in the restructuring of the solar company’s $535 million loan guarantee violated the law.

According to the committee’s findings, DOE had already agreed on the terms of the restructuring and the preferential treatment of private investors before conducting a legal analysis of whether its actions were in compliance with the law. DOE’s legal justification hinged on the definition of the word “is.”

As detailed in today’s Washington Examiner:

The House Energy and Commerce Committee released a report today on the Energy Department’s decision to subordinate taxpayers to private investors in the ill-fated Solyndra project. That is, the taxpayers would have to wait in line behind the private investors and let them recoup all of their losses first. Only after that could taxpayers could get any money back – assuming there would be any money to recoup at this point. In this case, that would be a reported $328 million of the $335 million federal loan guarantee to Solyndra.

This is significant because the plain language of the department’s own rules for loan guarantees states that taxpayers must not be subordinate and instead must come first. The committee’s report argues that Energy Department officials made a spur of the moment decision to violate this standard as part of a desperate attempt to keep the company afloat, then scrambled after the fact to justify their action..

…Why did the administration go to such lengths to help these private investors recoup their loses first? Administration officials have argued it was necessary to attract private capital to support the company. But they may have had another motivation. Argonaut is the investment vehicle The George Kaiser Family Foundation. Through it GKFF owned a 35% stake in Solyndra. Despite being called a foundation, GKFF is not a nonprofit in the conventional understanding of the term, but an exotic variation that allows the wealthy to park their assets tax-free. The foundation’s namesake is a major fundraiser of President Obama’s. He was often a guest in the White House and even discussed Solyndra with officials there.

In any event, the Energy Department officials then worked to produce a legal opinion that would justify this decision to put taxpayers behind private investors. That proved difficult because other administration officials at Treasury Department and the Office of Management and Budget were not on board with this.

Stop Obama’s Gas Price Hike!

Posted on by Donald Ferguson

July 24, 2012

Dear Donny,

Won’t you please take a quick moment and read the enclosed letter from my good friends at American Tradition?

I sure hope you will.

American Tradition stands alone as the only organization in the country dedicated solely to fighting and defeating the radical environmentalists at their own game.

They’re tough. They’re principled. And they know how to win.

So please take a moment to read this letter and, hopefully, lend American Tradition your support.


The Hon. Paul Broun
U.S. Congressman (R-GA)

Dear Donny,

Last year — during an absolutely critical period in the fight — tens of thousands of Americans like you and me sent a special letter to the State Department urging them to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Now, construction of the pipeline — which would lower gas prices and create tens of thousands of new jobs — is set to enter a crucial approval phase yet again.

If the radical environmentalists defeat this project, it’s virtually assured the price at the pump will soar.

So I’m counting on you to join me and sign your petition DEMANDING the U.S. State Department approve the critical Keystone XL Pipeline Project.

Last year — even with gas prices at a whopping $4.00 per gallon — President Obama OUTRAGED the overwhelming majority of the American people by stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline.

It wasn’t because the pipeline isn’t “environmentally-friendly.”

The Keystone XL Pipeline has passed every step of the incredibly strict and expensive approval process with flying colors!

The real reason President Obama killed Keystone XL?

While more abundant and cheaper gasoline means great news for the U.S. economy, it’s bad news for President Obama’s “green” investor pals like Al Gore and George Soros.

There would simply be no way their experimental (and EXPENSIVE!) energy projects would be able to compete if government bureaucracy got out of the way and finally allowed gas prices to sink.

So instead of working to make things easier for hardworking families struggling to make ends meet, radical environmentalists are doing everything they can to keep energy prices sky-high and our economy in the doldrums.

Not only that, but by standing in the way of virtually all domestic energy exploration, the radical environmentalists are keeping our country dependent on foreign oil — often from countries who hate the U.S. and everything we stand for.

This is nothing more than crony capitalism at its absolute worst.

That’s why your signed petition is so critical.

The good news is, it’s an election year.

Polls show Americans are FED UP with the radical environmentalists’ chaining of our fragile economy under regulatory lock and key.

So will President Obama KILL Keystone XL once again and risk his re-election?

It’s up to you and me to find out.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign the petition DEMANDING the U.S. State Department approve the critical Keystone XL Pipeline Project.

By signing your petition, you’ll be sending a loud-and-clear message to Barack Obama and his cronies at the State Department.

The good news is, during such a hotly-contested election year, politicians and government officials are being forced to pay much more attention to public opinion.

So folks like you and me have a REAL opportunity to make a difference.

Right now, the State Department is gathering comments from U.S. citizens, which they will take into account before deciding whether or not to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.

But radical environmentalist activists from all over the country have set a goal of generating ONE MILLION comments to KILL the Keystone XL Pipeline!

They know if the Keystone XL Pipeline is halted again — even after complying with all of the federal government’s requirements — it could send oil markets into a frenzy, rapidly driving up fuel prices.

So it’s up to you and me to beat the radical environmentalists at their own game.

That’s why your signed petition is so crucial.

Each petition I can gather will be hand-delivered to the State Department.

And each petition will send a LOUD-AND-CLEAR message to Barack Obama that there will be a price to pay for kowtowing to Gang Green’s demands.

So can I count on you to sign?

And if you could make a generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, $35 — or whatever you can afford — I’d really appreciate it.

But most importantly please sign your petition IMMEDIATELY!


Donald Ferguson
Executive Director

P.S. Despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans support construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Barack Obama’s Gang Green pals are blocking construction — standing in the way of new jobs and domestic energy.

That’s why I’m counting on you to send a loud-and-clear message to Barack Obama that there will be a political price to pay for blocking construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

So I’m counting on you to sign your petition DEMANDING the U.S. State Department approve the critical Keystone XL Pipeline Project.

And if you could make a generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, $35 — or whatever you can afford — I’d really appreciate it.

Obama raising campaign cash from taxpayer-funded Solyndra bosses

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

“Steve Westly, a financier whose money-raising prowess helped to snag him a post on the administration’s energy advisory board, and Matt Rogers, a former Energy Department senior adviser who helped to approve the Solyndra loan, were spotted by reporters at the $35,800-per-person fundraiser for the president’s re-election campaign,” The Washington Times reports this morning.

“Mr. Westly sent warnings to the president not to attend an event at Solyndra’s headquarters in the Bay area because of shaky finances at the solar energy company, which had received a fast-tracked $535 million federal loan guarantee in 2010 as part of the administration’s economic stimulus program. Mr. Rogers was partly responsible for overseeing stimulus awards at the Energy Department.

“They were among about 60 wealthy donors who attended the fundraiser at the swanky home of progressive activist Quinn Delaney and real estate developer Wayne Jordan, a big Obama bundler, in Piedmont, Calif., near Oakland.”

Obama promised the rent-seekers “his re-election would ensure that the government promotes ‘smart regulations … that are going to deal with issues like climate change.’”

And that’s how Green Crony Capitalism works.  “Green” speculators, knowing their product is a sham, bankroll the election of candidates who will ensure profits with taxpayer-funded bailouts.  Their candidate wins, the candidate votes to shovel taxpayer money into their pockets and then the “green” speculator declares bankruptcy and splits the loot between himself and the “green” politician, which is used to elect even more of them.

It’s a vicious cycle of taxpayer money being laundered through “green” companies to finance the election of leftists who will vote to launder more money.  And Obama’s running the laundromat.

The only way to break it is to stop taxpayer financing of the “green” energy proven failure.

Anti-frack attackers caught lying. Again.

Posted on July 23, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

“Critics of fracking often raise alarms about ground-water pollution, air pollution and cancer risks, and there are still many uncertainties. But some of the claims have little — or nothing– to back them up,” The Associated Press reports.

For example, reports that breast cancer rates rose in North Texas along with heavy gas drilling in the Barnett Shale are false, researchers told The Associated Press.

Fears that natural radioactivity in drilling waste could contaminate drinking water aren’t being confirmed by monitoring, either.

And concerns about air pollution from the industry often don’t acknowledge that natural gas is a far cleaner-burning fuel than coal…

…One of the clearest examples of a misleading claim comes from Texas, where gas drilling began in the Barnett Shale about 10 years ago.

Opponents of fracking say breast cancer rates have spiked exactly where intensive drilling is taking place — and nowhere else in the state. The claim is used in a letter that was sent to New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo by environmental groups and by Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated director of Gasland, a film that criticizes the industry. Fox, who lives in Brooklyn, has a new short film called The Sky Is Pink.

But researchers haven’t seen a spike in breast cancer rates in the area, said Simon Craddock Lee, a professor of medical anthropology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

David Risser, an epidemiologist with the Texas Cancer Registry, said in an e-mail that researchers checked state health data and found no evidence of an increase in the counties where the spike supposedly occurred.

And Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a major cancer advocacy group based in Dallas, said it sees no evidence of a spike, either.

“We don’t,” said Chandini Portteus, Komen’s vice president of research, adding that the group sympathizes with people’s fears and concerns, but “what we do know is a little bit, and what we don’t know is a lot” about breast cancer and the environment.

Yet Fox tells viewers in an ominous voice that “In Texas, as throughout the United States, cancer rates fell — except in one place– in the Barnett Shale.”

Lee called the claims of an increase “a classic case of the ecological fallacy” because they falsely suggest that breast cancer is linked to just one factor. In fact, diet, lifestyle and access to healthcare also play key roles.

Fox responded to questions by citing a news release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that doesn’t support his claim, and a newspaper story that Risser said is “not based on a careful statistical analysis of the data.”

When Fox was told that Texas cancer researchers said rates didn’t increase, he replied in an e-mail that the claim of unusually high breast cancer rates was “widely reported” and said there is “more than enough evidence to warrant much deeper study.”

One expert said there’s an actual psychological process at work that sometimes blinds people to science, on the fracking debate and many others.

“You can literally put facts in front of people, and they will just ignore them,” said Mark Lubell, director of the Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior at the University of California, Davis.

Read more here:


You slapped down Obama!

Posted on July 16, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

Dear friend,

You did it!

The Senate just defeated Obama’s treacherous “DISCLOSE Act,” an attempt to force every conservative group to hand over a list of its supporters — in other word, report to the government citizens disloyal to Obama.

It was an election year attempt to bully, intimidate and silence voters.  It’s the kind of thing you’d see in Venezuela.

But your phone calls, emails and faxes defeated it!

Congratulations!  And thank you!


Donald Ferguson
American Tradition Partnership
Executive Director

P.S.  Thank you!  You stopped the DISCLOSE Act! Thank you for your phone calls to the Senate.

     Could you please also go here to chip in $10 or more to help ATP stay in the fight against radical environmentalism?

Obama wants me to report disloyal citizens? NO!

Posted on July 15, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

Dear friend,

Our liberal opponents tried to shut down ATP with outdated anti-speech laws, but we beat them in the U.S. Supreme Court.

So now they’re trying a new law to shut down ATP…as well as every other conservative group by forcing us to turn in a list of our supporters.

Harry Reid has scheduled a vote on the intentionally misnamed “DISCLOSE Act” (S. 3369) this MONDAY AFTERNOON.

It’s a brazen attempt to acquire a list of “disloyal citizens” they can bully.

Well, we won’t comply.

And we won’t even allow it to pass.

Can I count on you to call your two U.S. senators at 202-224-3121 IMMEDIATELY and tell them to vote no on the DISCLOSE Act?

Please hurry.

As I told you, the purpose of the DISCLOSE Act is to use the force of law to bully, silence and intimidate Barack Obama’s political opponents.

>>>      It forces groups like ATP to fill out mountains of paperwork before they can comment on Obama’s radical agenda.

>>>     And it forces groups like ATP to hand to the government a list of our donors, complete with their home addresses.

>>>     But pro-Obama groups like The Sierra Club and the AARP do not have to comply.

It’s a sick, naked and shameless assault on the First Amendment and free elections.

That’s why Harry Reid wants a rushed vote today.

So please, call your two United States senators at 202-224-3121 right now.  Tell them to vote NO on the DISCLOSE Act.

Act right now,

Donny Ferguson
Executive Director
American Tradition Partnership

P.S.  Harry Reid is holding a vote MONDAY on a bill wants to force ATP to hand over a list of “disloyal citizens” who support us and oppose Obama.  WE WILL NOT COMPLY.

Call your two U.S. senators at 202-224-3121 IMMEDIATELY and tell them to vote no on the DISCLOSE Act.

     And could you please also go here to chip in $10 or more to help ATP stay in the fight against radical environmentalism?