Karma bites Obama as yet another taxpayer-funded electric car bursts into flames

Posted on August 13, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

“Fisker Automotive engineers have started to examine and test a Karma plug-in hybrid that burst into flames in a parking lot in Woodside, Calif., on Friday,” Reuters reports this morning.

“This is the second time a Fisker Karma has caught on fire in four months. In early May, a Karma was destroyed in a garage fire in Sugar Land, Texas. That vehicle was not plugged in at the time, and the cause of the fire is still unknown, Fisker said.  The Karma, which carries a price tag of more than $100,000, was not charging at the time, and there were no injuries. The fire began outside the engine compartment.”

“In March, a Karma battery failed during a test conducted by Consumer Reports magazine. Fisker recalled 239 Karma cars in December to fix a battery defect that raised the risk of a fire,” Reuters reports.

The exploding deathmobiles are being produced in Finland, financed by a $529 million “green energy” loan from Barack Obama.  Though Obama claimed the loan would create American “green jobs,” Fisker used the loan to shut down a General Motors plant in Delaware it had purchased and lay off the workers.

The Obama administration was warned Fisker was financially unstable and a poor investment, but plowed ahead on the half-billion dollar loan guarantee after Obama supporter Leonardo DiCaprio endorsed the company.

Property rights violated as man sentenced to 30 days in jail for collecting rainwater

Posted on August 9, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

“Gary Harrington, the Oregon man convicted of collecting rainwater and snow runoff on his rural property surrendered Wednesday morning to begin serving his 30-day, jail sentence in Medford, Ore.,” CNSNEws.com reports today.

“I’m sacrificing my liberty so we can stand up as a country and stand for our liberty,” Harrington told a small crowd of people gathered outside of the Jackson County (Ore.) Jail.

Several people held signs that showed support for Harrington as he was taken inside the jail.

Harrington was found guilty two weeks ago of breaking a 1925 law for having, what state water managers called “three illegal reservoirs” on his property. He was convicted of nine misdemeanors, sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined over $1500 for collecting rainwater and snow runoff on his property…

…Harrington has vowed to continue to fight the penalty, stating that the government has become “big bullies” and that “from here on in, I’m going to fight it.”

“They’ve just gotten to be big bullies and if you just lay over and die and give up, that just makes them bigger bullies, Harrington said in an interview two weeks ago with CNSNews.com.

“We as Americans, we need to stand on our constitutional rights, on our rights as citizens and hang tough. This is a good country, we’ll prevail,” he said.

His release is expected in early September.

Hillary’s jaw dropped

Posted on by Donald Ferguson

American Tradition Partnership

August 9, 2012

Dear patriot,

  Imagine the looks on the faces of State Department workers when ATP delivered 150,000 public comments — all in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline — last week!

Thank you so much for signing your petition.  Your action is really making a difference!

In fact, just recently, the Obama Administration allowed the southern portion of the pipeline to go through with construction.

But this is only one small step — and allowing construction of a portion of the pipeline makes it that much more crucial that Barack Obama allows the entire pipeline to move forward.

That’s why I’m counting on the generous support of folks like you to help ATP continue to fight the Keystone Pipeline battle and the many others we face against the radical environmentalists.

ATP is the ONLY national grassroots organization designed to mobilize Americans from all over the country to fight back against the radical environmentalists’ schemes.

You see, the radical environmentalists and their Big Government pals are not only targeting oil production and pushing gas prices sky-high.

They’re doing everything they can to shut down coal-fired energy plants and regulating everything from what type of water heater you have in your home to what kind of light bulbs we use!

So today, our work has never been more important.

ATP’s mobilization of the American people on these critical issues could be the difference between lower energy prices and a free and prosperous future for Americans — or even higher energy prices, a stagnant economy and less freedom.

But our success at defeating the radical environmentalists depends on the generosity of concerned folks like you.

That’s why I hope you’ll agree to make a generous contribution of $250, $150, $100, $50 to help ATP in our battle against the radical environmentalists.

Even if you can only chip in $20, $15 or $10 bucks — it’ll be a tremendous help in this fight.

In the coming days, I’ll be sending you some information about some of these important battles you and I are facing against the radical environmentalists.

Of course, you and I are knee-deep in the midst of one of the most crucial election years in our nation’s history, so its critical folks like you and me stand up and fight back against the radical environmentalists.

Our future — and our economy — could very well depend on it.


Donny Ferguson
Executive Director

P.S.    Thank you for signing your petition to the State Department demanding they allow construction of the critical Keystone XL Pipeline.

You petition — along with 150,000 others — sent a loud-and-clear message that the American people are tired of the radical environmentalists keeping our economy under lock and key and telling you and I how to live.

Of course, this fight is far from over — so I’m going to continue to ask for your help and support in the future.

That’s why I hope you’ll agree to make a generous contribution of $250, $150, $100, $50 to help ATP fight these important battles.

Emails reveal Obama personally briefed on Solyndra months before collapse

Posted on by Donald Ferguson

Obama administration claims they didn’t green-light the failed Solyndra loan program that funneled half a billion dollars to a top donor, despite warnings from auditors, have been debunked by emails showing Obama was personally briefed on the scheme, The Washington Post reports.

President Obama’s staff arranged for him to be personally briefed last summer on a loan program to help clean-energy companies, two months before the program was thrust into headlines by the collapse of its flagship, the solar company Solyndra, records show.

About the same time, then-White House Chief of Staff William Daley resolved a dispute among administration officials over another project in the program, clearing the way for a $1.4 billion loan, according to documents and sources familiar with the situation.

The documents, a series of e-mails among Energy Department staff members involved in managing the program, provide new details about the level of White House involvement in the controversial initiative. White House officials have said in the past that final decisions about which companies would receive the loan guarantees were made by career staff members at the Energy Department, not political appointees…

…That loan program, a signature piece of the Obama administration’s effort to stimulate the economy, has become a major issue in this year’s presidential campaign. Republicans have charged that the program wasted critical stimulus money meant to create jobs, spending it instead on ill-advised projects that benefited Democratic fundraisers…

…Solyndra, a Silicon Valley start-up that manufactured solar panels, received a half-billion dollar federal loan from the program before suddenly closing last August. A short time later, the FBI raided its offices as part of a criminal investigation into whether the company misled the government about its finances.

The government is expected to recover just $24 million of the $527 million that taxpayers lent the company. Republicans have accused the administration of favoring Solyndra because its largest investors were funds linked to Oklahoma billionaire George Kaiser, an Obama donor.

Obama had been warned Solyndra was about to collapse and was under investigation, but pushed for the half-billion dollar giveaway to his political cronies.  Obama then skirted federal laws requiring taxpayers to be paid first in the event of a bankruptcy, allowing several of his donors and top California union bosses to collect loaned money ahead of taxpayers.

Ecoterrorists step up attacks on North American energy

Posted on August 7, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

“There is a ‘growing radicalized environmentalist faction’ in Canada that is opposed to the country’s energy sector policies,” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police report.

“The RCMP criminal intelligence assessment, focusing on Canadian waters, cites potential dangers from environmental activists to offshore oil platforms and hazardous marine shipments, representing perhaps the starkest assessment of such threats by the Canadian security community to date,” CBC reports.

“The Canadian law enforcement and security intelligence community have noted a growing radicalized environmentalist faction within Canadian society that is opposed to Canada’s energy sector policies,” says the RCMP report.

“Tactics employed by activist groups are intended to intimidate and have the potential to escalate to violence.”

Obama federal drilling bans killing economic recovery

Posted on August 2, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

“House Republicans on Thursday said the Obama administration’s resource development policies have slowed economic progress by keeping public lands off limits to exploration,” The Hill reports.

“The stop-and-go oil and gas drilling on federally controlled Alaskan lands offers a stark contrast to the rush by firms to drill in North Dakota’s privately owned Bakken shale formation, said Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Energy and Power.

“‘The main difference between Alaska and North Dakota is that Alaska has far more areas that are federally owned and -controlled. And the Obama administration has substantially cut back on new energy leasing in these federal lands and offshore areas,’ Whitfield said in his opening remarks. ‘North Dakota gives us a glimpse of what would be possible in many other parts of the country if only the feds took the handcuffs off.’”

Go here to read the full article.

The hearing provided another setting for Republicans to lament what they see as Obama’s hard-line position against fossil fuels. They say Obama will slow an economic rebound by limiting oil and gas drilling on federal lands.

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