A WTP victory, but another fight looms

Dear friend,

Thank you!

Because of the flood of phone calls from WTP supporters and our allies, Barack Obama failed in his effort to quash political speech by his opponents. 

The misnamed “DISCLOSE Act,” which uses mountains of paperwork and brute intimidation to bog down and bully groups that speak out on political issues, but exempts Obama’s biggest supporters, won the support of 57 senators.

While 57 senators supported Obama’s efforts to use the government to pursue his political opponents, thankfully Senate rules require 60 votes to overcome any effort to filibuster a bill.

So the “DISCLOSE Act” has been stopped, but not killed.  Using a political trick, Harry Reid voted with Republicans which allows him to bring back the bill at any time.  That “any time” is usually in the dead of night when both reporters and his opponents aren’t in the Senate chamber.

So stay alert.  We may need you to jam the Senate switchboard again.

And the DISCLOSE Act isn’t our only federal legislative project.

Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE) has introduced an amendment to a Senate jobs bill establishing what is known as a “point of order” to the impending Senate energy bill.

As we’ve already told you, your NoCapAndTax.com petitions and phone calls stopped Harry Reid from putting Cap and Tax into the Senate energy bill that will be voted on in the next couple of weeks.

But that hasn’t stopped them from passing it.  The radical greens’ plan is to pass something, anything, relating to energy.  It doesn’t have to have Cap and Tax in it right now.

Since it’s different from the Waxman-Markey Cap and Tax bill the House passed, both bills would go to a closed-door “conference committee” which produced a compromise bill.

FoxNews.com reports Henry Waxman has stated that’s when he’ll stick Cap and Tax into the Senate bill and force senators to vote on a “conference report” that enacts “the full-blown cap-and-trade program.”  In other words, radical greens can pass Cap and Tax without having a direct vote on it.

Well, the Johanns amendment, if we can pass it, would declare any conference report with Cap and Tax in it to be “out of order.”  That means Obama and Reid would need 67 senators (two-thirds) to suspend the rules of the Senate and vote for Cap and Tax.

Can you call your senators right now at 202-224-3121 and tell them to vote FOR the Johanns Cap and Tax amendment?

It could be voted on any day now, so please call immediately.

And can I count on you to chip in and help fund our fight to stop Cap and Tax by clicking here or going to https://secure.westerntradition.org and give your best gift of $10 or $25, or whatever you can afford?

Thanks to you, we’ve stopped the radical greens at every step so far.  But that fight is long, hard and expensive.  They only need us to fail once in order for them to destroy our economy and tax and regulate away our freedoms.

So please call now, and if you can click here or go to https://secure.westerntradition.org and give your best gift of $10 or $25.


Donny Ferguson
Executive Director
Western Tradition Partnership

P.S.  Thank you!  The DISCLOSE Act, intended to silence criticism of Barack Obama by WTP and our allies, couldn’t get the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster.  “Only” 57 Democrats voted to outlaw free speech they disagree with.

But Harry Reid used a political trick that allows him to bring it back up at any time he wishes.  So stay alert as we may need you to call again.

Speaking of calling your senators, I need you to call them now at 202-224-3121.  Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE) has an amendment to a jobs bill that would help thwart Obama’s plans to use a “lame duck” session of Congress to quietly slip Cap and Tax into the energy bill that would come back to the Senate.  If passed, Johanns’ amendment would require 67 votes to pass an energy bill with Cap and Tax in it.

So call now.  And if you can, click here or go to https://secure.westerntradition.org and give your best gift of $10 or $25 and help WTP keep up the fight.