Another ATP victory: U.S. Supreme Court blocks Montana anti-speech ruling

Statement of American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson and Montana Volunteer Coordinator Doug Lair

“Justice Anthony Kennedy’s decision Friday to grant Montanans a stay of Montana’s  Supreme Court’s erroneous ruling is a win for everyone’s First Amendment rights.

“The United States Constitution protects Americans’ God-given right to associate and speak freely, even if we choose to do that under the corporate structure.  Stripping people  of their right to engage in political speech because you do not like the identity of the speaker is an assault on this republic’s founding principles.  The law and the Constitution are on our side and we expect to win yet again when this matter is considered by U.S. Supreme Court.

“Montana’s political and media establishment are fighting American Tradition Partnership’s grassroots volunteers because free speech threatens their monopoly on political speech in Montana. As a grassroots-founded, people-powered advocate for rational environmental policies and free speech we will continue to fight the corrupt and lawless political machine in Helena, as well as the anti-jobs radicals at the Sierra Club who want to kill pipelines and progress itself.”