ATP Montana’s Doug Lair on today’s federal court victory

Big Timber, Montana – Today, American Tradition Partnership (ATP) State Coordinator Doug Lair announced a “resounding” victory in Federal court on behalf of the group’s more than one thousand Montana members.

“Montanans who value their 1st Amendment rights were vindicated again today against an attorney general and political elite in Helena who don’t want their voting records exposed to the light of day”, said Lair referring to ATP’s twin victories at the United States Supreme Court and in Federal court, exactly one week apart.

“You’re darn right Steve Bullock doesn’t want us talking about his vote against the jobs and wealth that Otter Creek coal will create,” Lair continued, “so of course he and his friends at political practices want to retain the right to go on investigatory fishing expeditions against their political enemies.”

U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell found unconstitutional the state’s vague statutes forcing anyone who wants to publish a politician’s vote on a certain issue to also publish every related vote by that politician, and a so-called false statement law. He declined to enjoin other claims that Montana’s campaign contribution limits are too low.

ATP is challenging nearly a dozen and a half speech-related statutes as unconstitutional in three cases; nationally, so far the group has not lost such a case. The litigation has already resulted in announcements from the Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices to all registered political organizations, telling them how the laws have changed.