ATP to appeal Montana high court ruling to U.S. Supreme Court

WASHINGTON – American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson released the statement below Thursday afternoon.  ATP will be represented by lead attorney James Bopp of the James Madison Center for Free Speech.

“American Tradition Partnership will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the Montana state Supreme Court’s incorrect and contemptuous ruling last week.

“We, and impartial legal scholars, are confident these unbiased courts will uphold the First Amendment rights of Montanans to speak freely about powerholders.

“To ban political speech based on nothing more than the identity of the speaker is to strike at the very heart of the God-given rights protected by the First Amendment.  Those politicians who seek to stop Montanans from associated and speaking freely are themselves the modern equivalent of the Copper Kings, who in their time perverted law and justice to suppress voices of opposition to their policies.”