ATP wins yet another court case; ‘The law is always on our side’

The Montana First Judicial District Monday morning handed American Tradition Partnership yet another in a long string of legal victories.

The court struck down Count 2 of the Commissioner of Political Practices’s counterclaim, which claimed put the contrasting votes, compelled speech and was struck down on vagueness ground.

“How many court cases does ATP have to win before the political establishment and media get the message?  The law and the Constitution are always on ATP’s side, and ATP always obeys every letter of every applicable law,” said ATP Executive Director Donald Ferguson.

“Court decision after court decision in our favor continue to prove ATP is apparently the only group in this battle that is following the law.”

The decision comes just hours after ATP turned over to the FBI documentation showing Attorney General Steve Bullock’s Justice Department awarded $262,017.38 in state contracts to a company that pays Bullock rent and is owned by his brother, expliciting violating state ethics laws and possibly other state and federal laws.

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