Boehner’s plan to put Big Green in control of the House

Dear friend,

One minute he’s voting to outlaw lightbulbs.

The next, John Boehner is asking him to lead the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Don’t you agree there’s something seriously wrong here?

Big Green crony Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI) is all but certain to be the man in control of the House committee that directs the nation’s energy policy.

And there’s plenty to be concerned about:

* An ally of Big Green, Upton sponsored the bill to outlaw incandescent lightbulbs, in favor of dimly-lit, mercury-filled “CFL” bulbs.

* He believes in the unscientific hoax that humans, specifically job creators, are causing the planet to heat up.

* He has spoken out in support of banning drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Rush Limbaugh calls Upton’s radical green agenda “nannyism” and even “statism.”

That’s a huge problem.  In the next Congress, we’ll have to deal with an out-of-control EPA seeking to impose the most radical elements of the green agenda through regulatory fiat, as well as Obama’s promise to pass Cap and Tax in “chunks.”

We need an Energy Committee chairman who stands with citizens and job creators, not a “statist” ally of Big Green.

Liberal Fred Upton is not that man, but John Boehner is hell-bent on installing him.

Call John Boehner at 202-225-6205.  Tell him to drop Fred Upton from consideration as Energy and Commerce Committee chairman.

Rush Limbaugh’s comments on Upton are below.


Donald Ferguson
Executive Director

P.S.  Here’s what Rush Limbaugh has to say about Fred Upton as chair of the House’s top energy committee.  Call John Boehner at 202-225-6205 and tell him to drop his plans to name Upton as Energy and Commerce Committee chair.

“Representative Fred Upton, Republican, Michigan, wants to be the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  Well, it’s not a good thing because Fred Upton, Republican, Michigan, was a cosponsor with Jane Harman, Democrat, California, in 2007 to coauthor the legislation that effectively banned indoor incandescent lightbulbs in the United States.  Fred Upton wants to chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and this is a guy who believes in man-made global warming, and he is a Republican.  He and Harman “teamed up again to offer new legislation that would extend the ban on incandescent lightbulbs to outdoor lighting.”  So now these compact fluorescents, these spaghetti lightbulbs, what is the year, is it 2012 that the ban goes into effect?  I know they started reducing supplies.  A lot of people are starting to hoard incandescent lightbulbs.  This is not gonna happen.  I’m not gonna put these little curlicue things in my house.  I’m not going to do it.  And a lot of people aren’t, either.

“‘In 2007, Jane Harman and Fred Upton introduced bipartisan legislation –’ that’s bipartisan, coauthored.  Actually the legislation was written by a liberal Democrat, Jane Harman.  That’s all you need to know.  “It became law as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act — that bans the famously inefficient…” what do you mean famously inefficient? “…100-watt incandescent light bulb by 2012, phases out remaining inefficient light bulbs by 2014, and requires that light bulbs be at least three times as efficient as today’s 100-watt incandescent bulb by 2020. Last year, after George Will wrote a column criticizing Upton’s and Harman’s proposal to extend the incandescent-bulb ban to outdoor lighting, the two House members sent a letter to the Washington Post complaining about the column and defending their legislative campaign against the incandescent bulb.”

“Now, this would be a tone deaf disaster if the Republican leadership lets Fred Upton ascend to the chairmanship of the House energy committee.  This is exactly the kind of nannyism, statism, what have you, that was voted against and was defeated last week.  No Republican complicit in nannyism, statism, can be rewarded this way.  But seniority may rule the day.”