“Conservation Voters” agenda costs 18-term congressman his job

Ron Arnold, writing in today’s Washington Examiner, reports on how Big Green’s job-killing agenda led to one case of job loss in Minnesota.

Eighteen-term incumbent Congressman Jim Oberstar, considered unbeatable, now has plenty of time to read up on sound, non-political, climate science after losing to a long-shot candidate who exposed Oberstar’s hate-filled “green” agenda and 100% League of Conservation Voters rating.

Political novice Chip Cravaack came out of nowhere and beat one of the most powerful Democrats in the congressional Big Green machine: Minnesota’s longest serving, 18-term Rep. Jim Oberstar, chairman of an important committee and an influential global warming believer…

Don Parmeter — a native of northern Minnesota, 35-year veteran of environmental politics, and co-chair of the National Water & Conservation Alliance — said the entire district was worried about a different Oberstar monstrosity: the Clean Water Restoration Act. Oberstar wrote and introduced it as chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Unbelievably, it removed the word “navigable” from “waters of the United States” and substituted a list of more than 15 kinds of wet places (including “sandflats”) and all watersheds, ending with the horrifying clause “are subject to the legislative power of Congress.”…

…Then Oberstar warned that global warming was destroying everything and we must pass cap and trade regulations, to loud jeers and booing. Oberstar looked out at his audience and arrogantly said, “Global warming is real. You must be members of the Flat Earth Society.”

“Insulting the constituency is what killed his vote,” said Parmeter. The Duluth News-Tribune quickly endorsed Cravaack.