Court strikes down Obama EPA overreach

The District of Columbia Circuit Court of AppealsĀ struck down Tuesday an Obama EPA dictate regulating sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions.

“In a 2-1 decision, the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the EPA had overstepped its authority by issuing federal pollution standards before states had a chance to develop their own and by calling for emissions reductions greater than the court’s majority considered necessary,” The Los Angeles Times reports.

“Led by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the court vacated the rule and ordered the EPA to develop a new one, leaving in its place a Bush-era regulation.”

Gang Green activists are urging Obama to appeal the ruling and press ahead with his scheme to bypass Congress by imposing rules through regulatory decree.

That’s why American Tradition Partnership and Sen. Rand Paul are fighting for a vote on the REINS Act, which requires all major federal regulations to be approved by Congress and signed by the President before they may be enacted.