EPA Threatens/Censors Employees Who Don’t Agree

This is enough to make my stomach churn!

The EPA this week has ordered two of their own attorneys to stop telling the truth about Cap and Tax, and the agency threatened firing the two employees they do not comply.

Allan Zabal and Laurie Williams are a married couple who are attorneys for the EPA.  After they learned the truth about the dangers of the Obama Cap and Tax scheme, they began to write blogs, post YouTube videos, and generally speak out about the terrible cost of Cap and Tax, as well as the legislation’s total ineffectiveness.   Now the EPA has ordered them to essentially shut up or be fired!

Even though the pair of truth tellers have gone to great length to state that their views are their own opinion, Obama’s EPA is ready and willing to go to great length silence any opposition to Cap and Tax.   This is a dark and frustrating chapter not only in the fight to stop Cap and Tax, but in the battle for free speech as well.

Despite Zabal and Williams being shut down by government censorship, the EPA has no power over your right to speak out against the dangers of Cap and Tax.  Please take a minute to tell your Senators that you don’t support the costly and dangerous Cap and Tax bill by signing Western Tradition Partnership’s e-petition.

You can read more about the EPA’s censorship of the truth over here at the Wall Street Journal.