Free Speech

American Tradition Partnership is committed to vigorously defending free speech rights.

So-called “Campaign Finance Reform” efforts are only one of a number of innocuous-sounding efforts (“greening” and “sustainability” being other examples) by the anti-capitalist Left to shut down public discourse of the issues of the day. If private individuals and employers are prevented from speaking about the policies what will affect them — anonymously or otherwise — there will only remain a few dominant sources of information about those efforts: Government itself and the dominant press.

Opponents of free speech rail against some vague “conflict of interest” (as if speaking out in one’s own interest isn’t the bedrock of this Republic), but never mention the conflict of interest that emanates as nearly every word from a politician’s mouth, or the laughable conflict presented by a newspaper promoting “campaign finance reform”, and in a form which invariably elevates its editorial staff as the only qualified source of information. We encourage you to review this dated, but well-researched and illustrative, report titled “Who’s Buying Campaign Finance Reform?” Also see this October 29 commentary by senior editor of CNN Money Nina Easton: “The Absurdity of Campaign Finance Reform.”

WTP’s fight for your free speech rights continues

American Tradition Partnership has two perfect records it plans to hold on to: 1) The group has never been found in violation of any constitutional law — or to date, any UN-constitutional law for that matter; and 2) It has won every First Amendment case it has brought against heavy-handed governments who dare violate the people’s free speech rights. With yet another legal battle looming, again versus the State of Montana, WTP members are fighting for those who cannot afford to sue the government for redress.

WTP Prevails in State Court over Independent Expenditure Prohibition - Below, see the order out of Montana First Judicial District Court, where Judge Jeffrey Sherlock found merit in nearly every one of WTP’s arguments in our 1st Amendment case against the State of Montana – see first AP press story linked here, and our response linked here.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal covered the case just prior to the decision, story linked here, and covered the decision here today (10/18). Radical “green” politicians have had free rein to silence and intimidate employers who have blown the whistle on their job-killing agenda. This decision will balance free speech rights by allowing citizens to band together in order to pool resources and fight back against the one entity that the Left wishes no 1st Amendment restrictions upon: Government Bureaucrats and Government Officials.

Right-click the link here to download a copy of today’s order: CU-SumryJudgmtOrder-10.18.10SMALLFILE and the original complaint here.

To gain a better understanding of the merits of free speech for citizens who band together, wathc this short video by nationally acclaimed 1st Amendment champion, attorney James Bopp:

WTP wins Federal Suit Against Restrictive Campaign Finance Rules – In 2009, WTP also defended citizens’ free speech rights in a Federal action against several radical environmentalists on the Longmont City Council. WTP demolished their free-speech killing “Incumbency Protection Act”, restoring Longmonters’ ability to criticize government officials without asking permission first. See link to Judge’s Order LongmontInjunction2009, and Longmont CaseStudy Ctrfold. Shortly after the election, the City paid nearly all WTP legal fees in a settlement.