Gallatin residents hound officials over wolf predation

More than 70 people were packed a Gallatin County commissioner’s meeting that went until after 9 p.m. to voice their concerns over wolf predation, the Bozeman Chronicle reported.

“Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks regional manager Pat Flowers said wolf populations have increased about 15 percent in the last year. He said elk populations are declining, below objectives or stable in Gallatin County,” the Chronicle reports.

“He said 74 cattle, 11 sheep, two dogs and one horse were killed by wolves in 2011.”

Carey White, of Citizens for Balanced Use, cited several incidents of wolf attacks on humans in Canada, and “several local incidents of wolves killing pets and provided commissioners with gruesome photographs,” the Chronicle reports.

“Agriculture is under attack,” White added.

American Tradition Partnership supports reforms allowing Montanans to defend their property and livestock from these invasive foreign wolves, who are not native to Montana, by any mean necessary.