Gas prices skyrocket as Obama kills US production, demands more Saudi imports

Barack Obama’s stated policy of “bankrupting” energy suppliers by cutting off their access to reserves, slapping massive taxes on them and burying them in regulation is not only destroying the economy.

It’s eating into Obama’s poll numbers. More and more Americans are opposing the Obama regime’s policies of killing off Americas energy economy with a pincer movement of skyrocketing taxes and dwindling supplies.

The price of gasoline has more than doubled since Obama took office, which is of little surprise since Obama promised Gang Green’s multi-million dollar lobbyist he would drastically increase gas prices.

But rather than reverse course and adopt pro-jobs, pro-consumer policies, the administration hopes empty public statements will fool citizens.

At the same time he claims to be taking action to reduce American use of foreign oil, Obama is not only shutting down American energy employment, he’s demanding Saudi Arabia provide more oil to the United States in hopes it will tamp down the explosive price hikes his policies have created.