Gov. Schweitzer Flips, Otter Flops Amid Cap & Trade Scandal, Taxpayer Pressure

Taxpayers unhappy about WCI scam

Taxpayers unhappy about WCI scam

Governors (Two) Bark Back

By Paul Chesser — American Spectator

Well, they didn’t take that very well.

The chairman (Democrat Gov. of Montana Brian Schweitzer) and vice chairman (Republican Gov. of Idaho Butch Otter) of the Western Governors Association responded sharply (PDF) to a National Taxpayers Union inquiry about WGA’s management and funding of the Western Climate Initiative, which the rest of the WGA board members — the governors of the other 17 Western states — either unknowingly or are too embarrassed to acknowledge they support.

WCI is a serious hush-hush deal among these state executives.

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- Paul Chesser