“Cap & Tax” Prime Sponsor Waxman admits he hasn’t read bill

Obama “Energy Czar” (EPA chief Browner) hasn’t read the 1000+-page bill, either (video clip here).

Honoring what seems to have become a vaunted tradition in Congress, H.R. 2454 or “Cap & Tax” was rammed through the House last week without enough time for even a cursory reading, and passed by a narrow margin of 7 votes (219-212). 50 Democrats defected, though the majority of these votes were likely a pre-planned incumbency-protection maneuver with the tacit blessing of Nancy Pelosi, rather than an honest decision of conscience.

We’ll outline who the 50 were and their possible motivations in a  separate post; likewise with the 8 Republican “Cap and Traitors” who gave the vote its winning margin. For now, enjoy this clip of Waxman, who like his 218 colleagues who voted “YES”, hasn’t read the bill.