Iran threat to close oil supplies exposes danger of Gang Green agenda

“The Iranian government for a second straight day has threatened to cut off oil supplies in the Persian Gulf,” The Hill reports this morning.

“Iran’s navy chief said Wednesday it would be ‘very easy’ to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, through which much of the region’s oil passes.”

Blocking oil exports could send oil prices higher, thwarting hopes for the United States’ economic recovery.

But the impact is being made even harder by radical environmentalism, which is fighting to cut off access to oil within the United States, making the nation more dependent on anti-American dictatorships like Iran.

“A resurgent green movement is launching a multi-pronged counter-attack against the shale oil and gas boom in the United States…,” Reuters reports in an article on Gang Green efforts to shut down U.S. energy production. “…a renewed onslaught from environmentalists is putting the shale industry on the defensive while adding to costs, limiting expansion and potentially scuttling major projects.”

“Green Groups have made headway with their appeals in New York, where authorities have imposed a temporary moratorium on shale drilling. Environmentalists also cheered a decision by regulators to delay a vote on lifting a ban on shale drilling in the Delaware River basin that affects the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.”

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