Loudoun County, Va. supervisors urged to vote no on greens’ Home Improvement Tax

The following letter was sent to each member of the Loudoun County, Va. Board of Supervisors Monday urging them to turn down their proposed plan to impose massive new Home Improvement Taxes, typically $3,700.00 for a simple deck. 

Radical greens are using concerns about runoff into the Chesapeake Bay, to which backyard improvements contribute virtually nothing, to turn Loudoun’s private homes and property into the latest front in their war on suburbia.

May 24, 2010
Chairman Scott York
Loudoun County Board of Supervisors
1 Harrison St., S.E., Fifth Floor
P.O. Box 7000
Leesburg, VA  20177-7000
Chairman York:

Western Tradition Partnership strongly recommends the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors immediately stop plans to impose new Home Improvement Taxes under the “Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act,” which in reality a Home Improvement Tax Ordinance.
We are not fooled.  This has nothing to do with protecting the Chesapeake Bay. 

This new Home Improvement Tax Ordinance does more to protect the habitat of government employees than the Chesapeake Bay, and turns the homes of Loudoun residents into the new front line in the radical environmentalists’ war on suburbia. 

It is ludicrous to claim the construction of small decks, toolsheds and other home improvements in part of Loudoun County is responsible for pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, and even sillier to force Loudoun residents to pre-pay thousands of dollars in new Home Improvement Taxes.  
The fact is small home improvement projects in Loudoun County have nothing to do with the current condition of the Bay. 
Rather, the same radical greens who have always railed against suburbia are exploiting the concerns of well-meaning people to advance their extreme agenda.  It is disappointing to see Loudoun supervisors falling in line with such a destructive political agenda.

The radical greens who used to wage war against communities like Loudoun County with the slogan “If you build it, we will burn it” now want to tax residents into never building it to begin with. 

Mountains of confusing county permits and massive Home Improvement Taxes have replaced Molotov cocktails as the environmentalists’ weapon of choice.

Make no mistake, just as the purpose of the proposed carbon taxes in the Cap and Tax bill is to stop Americans from using energy, the purpose of the new Home Improvement Taxes is to stop Loudoun residents from improving their homes.
At a time when foreclosures and economic woes have sent property values declining, it makes little sense to force Loudoun residents to pay thousands of dollars in new Home Improvement Taxes.

I can tell you from my own seven years of personal experience serving with three Boards of Supervisors how important simple home improvement projects are to making communities safer and more livable.  The fact is neighborhood blight is a self-replicating problem, and one that leads to increased crime and gang activity. 
The new Home Improvement Taxes make it harder for Loudoun residents to maintain their neighborhoods as the beautiful, livable communities that prevent crime from finding root.

In the end, only two communities benefit from the Home Improvement Tax Ordinance, and neither are the Chesapeake Bay.
Passage of this new anti-property rights ordinance, along with its massive Home Improvement Taxes, only provides new jobs and fat paychecks for government employees, and advances the destructive anti-suburbia agenda of the radical greens.

It is the Loudoun resident who suffers, robbed of his or her property rights and forced to pay, up front, massive new Home Improvement Taxes that in the end do nothing to protect the Chesapeake.
Western Tradition Partnership strongly recommends the Board immediately drop the proposed Home Improvement Tax Ordinance.


Donny Ferguson
Western Tradition Partnership
National Director of Media and Public Relations