Low-flow toilets destroy San Fran’s sewer system, threaten Bay

Once again American Tradition Partnership has to ask, who will save the Earth from environmentalists?

Low-flow toilets, mandated by the federal government and San Francisco officials after politically-connected green speculators invested heavily in them, are destroying the San Francisco’s sewer system and causing vast sections of the city to smell like feces.

“Skimping on toilet water has resulted in more sludge backing up inside the sewer pipes, said Tyrone Jue, spokesman for the city Public Utilities Commission.¬† That has created a rotten-egg stench near AT&T Park and elsewhere, especially during the dry summer months,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“The city has already spent $100 million over the past five years to upgrade its sewer system and sewage plants, in part to combat the odor problem.”

The city-wide sewage backup threatens the health of millions of San Franciscans, especially children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

But the problem doesn’t stop there.

Low-flow toilets are still wrecking the city’s sewer system, so now officials are spending $14 million to dump 8.5 million pounds of bleach into the water.

Water that then flows into the San Francisco Bay.

And if you think plans to dump 8.5 million pounds of bleach into the Bay is a bad idea, you’re not the only one.

Environmentalists are now fighting environmentalists over plans to “bleach the Bay” in an effort to cover up yet another Gang¬† Green failure.