Media, politicians hyping Hurricane Irene to push new economic restrictions

Dear ATP supporter,

“The scale of Hurricane Irene, which could cause more extensive damage along the Eastern Seaboard than any storm in decades, is reviving an old question: are hurricanes getting worse because of human-induced climate change?

That was The New York Times last Saturday morning, attempting to terrorize millions into what activists call “environmental compliance.”

Less than 24 hours later what was supposed to be a massive killer storm limped into New York as little more than a summer thunderstorm with high tides.

Much like the “man-made climate change” supposedly responsible for the hurricane, the windy rainfall proved to be more media spin than storm circulation.

But if we’ve learned anything from environmentalists over the last few decades, it’s this…

…Every single time environmentalists are proven to be liars, they simply double down and fight even harder to control your life and take away your children’s freedoms.

Just look at how global warming hoaxster Michael Mann and Al Gore have stepped up their attacks on American Tradition after our think tank affiliate sued to get his shady “research.”

Now they’re doing it with “Hurricane” Irene.

Even after their predictions of a carbon-dioxide fueled super hurricane fizzled when Irene sauntered up the East Coast as nothing more than windy rainfall, The New York Times continued to call it an “intense hurricane.”

Even as D.C. resident spend their Sunday mornings raking up leaves that fell from the trees after the “intense hurricane,” global warming alarmists are already filling up voice mailboxes on Capitol Hill, insisting lawmakers use the windy rainfall to slap new restrictions on jobs and economic growth.

The mainstream media, who in D.C. declared video of choppy waters and a wet marina deck to be “devastating footage,” are more than happy to help.

That means it’s up to you and I to stop their whirlwind of lies and hot air.

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I need your help to beat back the media and political super storm Gang Green is conjuring up.

They don’t care they’ve been exposed as liars.

In fact, they’ve never cared.

When their scary fairy tales like “killer super Hurricane Irene” fall apart, they simply dump twice as much money into their offensive and steamroll the opposition.

Don’t let it happen again.

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With your support, we can expose the “man-made global warming” political hoax as nothing more than spin and hot air.


   Donald Ferguson
Executive Director
American Tradition Partnership

P.S.  Much like the “man-made global warming” political hoax, Hurricane Irene turned out to be nothing but hot air.  But that hasn’t stopped Gang Green from using the minor event to claim humans will be wiped out unless we power down the economy.

Go here to chip in $10 to support ATP’s media campaign to expose the hoaxes, lies and frauds that prop up the false front of environmentalism.  Your gift will help ATP stop their whirlwind of lies.