American Tradition Partnership’s Grassroots Lobbying Program:

Through careful research and our Candidate Survey Program, we develop a Responsible Development Index for candidates running for election, and report those results. When policymakers are in session, our members help us monitor proposed legislation and rules, and we educate and mobilize the grassroots to support, oppose, or modify proposed legislation. We do not support or oppose candidates for public office.

Who are the Grassroots?

Our fast-growing membership is a broad coalition of blue-collar workers, small businesses, families, and public and private corporations that employ many thousands of Americans. These individuals agree on one simple principle: that public policy should not destroy the ability of American families and businesses to utilize their property as they see fit, and to provide and access water, energy, and resources at an affordable market rate. The importance of protecting the environment is a given – we reject the very idea that any Americans would want to harm the environment for future generations!

Why “Grassroots Issue Advocacy”?

American Tradition Partnership is a 501(c)(4)  issue advocacy organization, also known as “grassroots lobbying.” This form of public education and mobilization is the most definitively protected form of political free speech. We do not endorse any particular candidate, not do we support any political party; therefore the Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed the First Amendment rights for 501(c)(4) groups. To learn more about issue-based free speech, click here.

Legislative Lobbying:

American Tradition Partnership is lobbies policymakers in favor of economically sound, environmentally safe reforms that preserve development rights while protecting the greater community.

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans believe that their fellow citizens who own and manage businesses can be responsible stewards of the earth without excessive, costly, and often environment-damaging government intervention.

ATP believes that, if the voters are properly educated, politicians who pursue a radical agenda without regard for the rights and needs of their constituents will either change their minds or voters will opt for candidates who more closely match their values.

American Tradition Partnership is your voice in the lawmaking process. The people are not served well by manipulation of the political process by the minority – be it big business interests or extremists bent on a dangerous, zero-growth political agenda.