Learning Forums

COMMUNITY EVENTS AND ORGANIZATIONS: If you would like us to attend or present an event in your area, please email us with the information at info@westerntradition.org !

  • Fairs and Community Events: Where possible, we will staff a booth at fairs, conferences, and other types of community events.
  • Speaking events: ATP is looking forward to presenting at your civic gatherings church or educational forums of any kind. Please contact us regarding any Rotary, political party organizations, etc. where a our representative might have the opportunity.

SEMINARS AND FORUMS: American Tradition Partnership has exciting, informative educational forums, panels, and seminars in the works, with a range of experts on many topics, including:

  • Growth Policies: The good, the bad and the ugly – What these innocuous-sounding documents mean for the average citizen, the rancher, the developer, the homebuyer, counties and cities
  • Climate Change: Chicken little or the Great Flood? We’ll bring in world class climatologists, economists, and other experts who have made a “science” out of making the complex easy to understand!
  • The Coming Carbon Tax: What strategies to control carbon dioxide emissions might cost YOU, and how to have your voice heard in the event of a Taxation Tsunami
  • The Money Bomb: As one massive industry muscles in to unseat another, will Big Green replace Big Oil as a boondoggle to those who pay the bills? We’ll take the advice of the “clean government” folks and follow the money to see whose ox is being gored in the Green Scheme

Stay tuned as American Tradition develops our program of public educational events. Please email us at info@westerntradition.org if you have ideas or speakers who would like to present on these or any topics.