Montana’s American Tradition Partnership Sweeps State Legislative Elections

ATP-led grassroots coalition paves way for victory in 12 of 14 targeted districts

Helena, MT – ATP-Montana members and a broad section of the public, including a majority of voters, helped push pro-jobs candidates across the finish line in targeted districts across the state.

“This isn’t just a victory for ATP-Montana, it’s a victory for all ratepayers, property owners and businesspeople across the Treasure State,” said Doug Lair, State Coordinator for ATP-Montana. “Whether it’s against foreign corporations coming after our property rights or Gang Green’s hand-picked politicians bilking us through our utility bills, ATP-Montana will continue to fight for working people.”

ATP-Montana runs a candidate survey program to identify candidates’ positions on issues related to environmental regulations, property rights, and responsible natural resource development. The organization sent mailers and ran radio ads educating the public on candidates’ positions in at least 14 targeted districts, resulting in 12 pro-jobs candidates advancing to the general election.

ATP has also been the focus of press coverage recently because of its support of free speech rights for employers and grassroots groups who choose to organize under the corporate structure.

“ATP is going to make sure there are consequences for regulation-happy politicians who want to use mom-and-pop business owners and employers as nothing more than punching bags and ATM machines,” added Lair, “and we won’t be shut up or shut down.”

With gas prices sky-high and legislators openly wondering where to make up for expected revenue shortfalls, ATP’s pro-resource development agenda is sure to weigh heavily in the legislative elections in November, and particularly as party nominees Rick Hill and Steve Bullock face off in the race for governor.

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