Montana: Defeat Tester’s Anti-Access Land Grab!

Synopsis of S.1470: Temp Jobs, Way More so-called “Wilderness”, and Access Denied

Western Tradition Partnership (WTP) is urging its members – and all citizens who enjoy access and use of “public” lands – to fight Jon Tester’s so-called “jobs” bill, which is nothing more than a bait-and-switch play to ban humans from our forests. Brian Schweitzer came out in support of the bill just weeks ago.

“Jon Tester and Brian Schweitzer are two peas in a pod when it comes to carrying water for Montana’s radical environmentalists,” said Jacob Leis, Director of Membership with WTP. “This bill is nothing more than another federal bailout – only instead of banking CEO’s, Tester is using taxpayer funds to take access rights away and pay off his environmental extremist friends.”

“Most of the alleged jobs will be tearing out long-established roads and closing access, leaving our forests to overgrowth and more catastrophic fires.”

Tester was embarrassed earlier this fall, when he claimed that Kerry White, the tireless leader of Montana’s Citizens for Balanced Use, “helped” him craft the bill. In a statement posted here, White called out Tester’s cynical tactic of claiming the bill’s opponents as supporters, and he even had the gall to send White a “thank you” note.

“This is a last-ditch effort by Tester to throw a bone to his eco-radical pals, since he couldn’t get NREPA passed (sign WTP’s anti-NREPA Wilderness petition here),” Leis concluded, “but throwing away forest access over some elusive logging rights and temporary jobs – which will consist of destroying roads in our currently accessible forests – is unacceptable and will result in the loss of the Montana way of life.”

For an excellent analysis of the REAL hidden dangers of this bill, read this excellent Clark Fork Chronicle linked here by Fred Hodgeboom, President of Montanans for Multiple Use. WTP is also urging Montanans to get Congressman Rehberg off the fence on this bill by opposing it at one of his upcoming public Wilderness Bill hearings, which will be held in counties impacted by the proposed legislation:

The locations are:

Madison County – Ennis
Monday, January 4, 2010 at 10 AM
Madison Valley Rural Fire Station 1
537 US HWY 287

Beaverhead County – Dillon
Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 12:30 PM
University of Montana Western, Auditorium Main Hall
710 South Atlantic

Butte-Silver Bow County – Butte
Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 9:30 AM
Montana Tech – SUB Copper Lounge
1300 West Park Street

Granite County – Philipsburg
Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 2:30 PM
Taylor-Knapp Building, Sapphire Gallery, Banquet Room
212 E. Broadway

Powell County – Deer Lodge
Friday, January 8, 2010 at 10 AM
William K. Kohrs Library, Meeting Room
501 Missouri Avenue