North Dakota oil booms while ‘green’ job states crater

While states experimenting with failed ‘green’ economies wallow in budget deficits and high unemployment, North Dakota’s oil boom has spawned hundreds of thousands of jobs, a $1 billion state budget surplus and the nation’s lowest unemployment rate.

“The state’s per capita income rose over the decade from 38th in the nation to 17th, the biggest advance of any state,” USA today reports Thursday.

“We’ve had an absolutely stellar few years,” University of North Dakota economist David Flynn tells USA Today. “In all honesty, when you look ahead, we should continue to do well for quite a while.”

“North Dakota is enjoying an oil boom in the western part of the state, drawing workers from across the country. Williston, in oil country, grew 17.6% to 14,716. The oil windfall has created a $1 billion state budget surplus,” USA Today reports.

Meanwhile, attempts to impose “green” economies on states have met with resounding failure.  Colorado’s decision to double oil taxes, impose an Expensive Energy Mandate and shift to a ‘green’ economy, all sold as job creators, sent billions in investment and thousands of jobs to states like Wyoming and Texas, and sent unemployment upwards.

Also, a new study out of the United Kingdom, where the failed “green” jobs experiment has gone on for years, shows for every “green” job created at tremendous taxpayer expense, 3.7 jobs are destroyed.  That study comes on the heels of a study of Spain’s “green” economy, where every “green” job created at tremendous taxpayer expense destroyed 2.2 jobs.