Not One More Acre: Wyoming passes anti-NREPA resolution

Wyoming legislators passed, and Gov. David Freudenthal signed into law Mar. 4, a resolution opposing the proposed NREPA federal grab of over 20 million acres of the West.

The resolution outlines Wyoming’s opposition to H.R. 980, sponsored by a New York City Democrat and backed by radical Green groups.  It calls on the House Natural Resources Committee to vote down the bill.

Thousands of Wyoming jobs, and hundreds of thousands more in the area designated for federal takeover, depend on access to land for grazing, timber harvesting, resource and energy development and recreation.  Under NREPA, such activities would be outlawed and those jobs eliminated.

Eliminating those jobs and access to land is the intent of NREPA.  David Brower, founder of the League of Conservation Voters and Friends of the Earth, once boasted that loggers losing their jobs because of federal anti-logging legislation is “no different than people being out of work after the furnaces of (the Nazi concentration camp) Dachau shut down.”

WTP is working with legislators in other states to organize opposition to NREPA.