NYT: Appalachian Dems Seek Distance From Obama on Coal, Climate

This morning’s New York Times reports on the popular uprising against the Obama administration’s radical green policies.  As the nation’s leading citizens’ lobby for responsible resource development, WTP reminds lawmakers they represent working families, not radical green activists.

Democrats in Appalachia are running away from the Obama administration’s coal record like their political lives depend on it…

…Along with the president’s push for limits on greenhouse gas emissions — a proposal panned by most U.S. coal companies — U.S. EPA in April singled out the six states for special restrictions on mountaintop removal coal mining. EPA also stopped the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from issuing permits for 79 surface and mountaintop mines in the region, saying they would have violated the Clean Water Act. To date, six of those permits have been approved.

“I think there is a danger for Democrats that being seen as a Democrat means being seen as being a supporter of Obama’s EPA,” said Phil Smith, a spokesman for the United Mine Workers of America.

You may read the entire article at The New York Times website.