Obama’s Strategic Reserve ploy a ‘PR stunt,’ doesn’t solve problem

Ferguson: Obama’s Strategic Reserve ploy a ‘PR stunt,’ doesn’t solve problem he caused

WASHINGTON — American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson released the following statement Thursday:

“The core of the energy problem Obama has created isn’t that there aren’t enough barrels of oil on the market, it’s that Obama actively destroys energy jobs and is still committed to cutting off Americans’ access to energy.  Releasing oil from the Strategic Reserve is just a short-term PR stunt that does nothing to solve the long-term supply problem Obama created.

“One way to stop Obama’s use of regulatory authority to destroy jobs is to pass the REINS Act.  Congress should immediately move to a recorded vote on the REINS Act, which requires any proposed federal regulation with an economic impact greater than $100 million to be approved by a vote of Congress and signed by the president before it can be enacted.

“Real reform that stops the Obama’s regulatory war on prosperity will grow jobs and restore our economy.  Obama’s announcement is just an attempt to sweep under the rug the damage his radical environmentalist agenda is causing without really solving the problem.”

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