Obama admin “loves” new “mandate” to outlaw home appliances

Do you have a permit for that washing machine?

That may sound silly, but it could soon be federal government policy.

“Assistant Energy Secretary Cathy Zoi said Thursday that the U.S. Department of Energy has a ‘mandate’ to issue regulations to determine what household appliances are available to Americans in the future,” CNSNews.com reports this morning.

“Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the recently reestablished Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB), Zoi pointed to four tactics the Obama administration intends to use to advance the “deployment of clean energy,” CNSNews.com reports.

“The fourth one, which the secretary and I love,” said Zoi, “is where we have a mandate. Where we can actually just issue regulations and do market transformation.”

Not only is the Obama administration going to tell you what appliances you are allowed to use, the “love” having the power to dictate your private home life.

Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the federal government would dictate five new “higher energy efficiency standards” for commercial clothes washers, small electric motors, water heaters, direct heating equipment and pool heaters.

The Obama White House will announce next year 10 additional categories of home appliances that will fall under their control.

Under their plan, the sale and possibly ownership of home appliances not approved by the Obama administration will likely be subject to heavy federal fines.  After all, total government control over your private life and property is one of the sacraments of radical green activism.

And it’s just one more reason WTP will push for legislation in the next Congress stripping Obama’s radical EPA and Energy Department of their power to simply “just issue regulations” with no accountability or representation.

Stay tuned, as long as you’re still allowed to own an electric-powered computer…


Donald Ferguson
Executive Director
Western Tradition Partnership