Obama channels spirit of Ken Lay to calculate ‘green jobs’

“Hoping to an end the reliance on anecdotes, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is working on a first-ever report to quantify the green collar job workforce. It’s surveying a list of 333 employment categories, from vineyard workers to steel mill operators and environmental journalists,” POLITICO reports this week in a story on the failure of the “green jobs” hoax.

“Environmental journalists?”  Yes, if a reporter writes a story on an energy bill, Barack Obama considers that to be a “green job.”

The shameless, Enron-style inflation of collapsed “green jobs” numbers doesn’t stop there.

“California’s oddball governing class,” writes American Tradition Institute scholar Chris Horner in “Power Grab,” “had to include everything from public relations experts to marketing managers, accountants and bricklayers to claim that ‘green jobs’ account for something like 1 percent of employment.”