Obama insults Canada

“The headline in Canada’s national magazine, Maclean’s, is an attention-grabber: ‘The U.S. and Canada: we used to be friends.’ Followed by this subheadline: ‘Why Barack Obama shelved the Keystone pipeline, and insulted Canada (yet again) in the process,’” MarketWatch’s Bill Mann writes.

“The Nov. 10 decision to again delay a final decision on TransCanada’s 1,200-mile Keystone-XL pipeline that will carry Alberta crude to Texas refineries (until after the 2012 U.S. elections) was, it’s generally agreed, made by the Obama administration for purely political reasons. (Visualize a can in the road,)” Mann writes.

“Adding insult to financial injury, TransCanada officials were stunned by the State Department’s call for another study. A TransCanada spokesman told Maclean’s ‘we found out about it after others did. It was a surprise.’ Nice going by the department of the U.S. government that’s supposed to be diplomatic to other countries.”

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