Obama launches Christmas drive to grab land, steal jobs

Waiting until the Christmas season when activists and reporters aren’t paying as close attention, the Obama administration announced Thursday it was issuing an order overturning  2003 Interior Department policy preserving access to millions of acres of land.

The new Obama dictate cuts off access to millions of acres of property, a massive government-ordered land grab carried out at the behest of radical environmentalist lobbyists.

“That policy stated that new areas could not be recommended for wilderness protection by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. It opened millions of acres in the Rocky Mountain region to potential commercial development,” the Associated Press reports.

“The policy allowed oil and gas drilling, mining and other commercial uses on land under consideration as wilderness areas.  Salazar’s reversal means that the BLM will set up new criteria to decide which lands should get federal wilderness designation,” the AP reports.

“Barack Obama offered millions of Americans a massive lump of coal this Christmas.  A nation already in the depth of economic suffering and recession has been robbed of millions of potential new jobs by a White House under the control of Big Green,” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.
“The new Obama ‘wilderness’ rules are part of an admitted agenda by radical greens to destroy jobs and drive out humans.  The White House is carrying out the orders of a radical sect who openly state they believe humans and capitalism are a threat to Mother Earth, and the extermination of both is necessary to ‘save the planet.’  Locking up millions of acres and declaring it off-limits to responsible development is how they say they will achieve this,” said Ferguson.
“This radical act of land-grabbing means thousands of hard-working Americans were told this Christmas season they soon won’t have jobs.”