Obama to greens: Bulldoze sacred Indian sites for wind, solar waste

Barack Obama’s vow to force Americans to buy 80 percent of their electricity from expensive wind and solar experiments isn’t just bad for consumers, it means Obama’s politically-connected speculators are getting fast-track authority to bulldoze sacred Indian sites to make room for their wasteful projects.

That’s forced numerous tribes to sue in hopes of stopping plans by environmentalists to clear-cut and bulldoze sacred religious sites, not to mention areas that are environmentally sensitive.

There is this sense that there is this rush to renewable energy that’s politically motivated and when tribes are consulted their concerns aren’t being taken seriously,” Michelle Raheja, interim director of the California Center for Native Nations, tells the Associated Press.

They seem to want to do it at the price of destroying our history.  It’s an assault. They’ve already wiped out a lot of things and now they want to wipe out the desert and any evidence of our past,” Quechan tribal leader Preston J. Arrow-weed tells the AP.

“Dave Singleton with the California Native American Heritage Commission, which advises local, state and federal agencies on issues involving indigenous communities, said he’s heard from at least 10 tribes in the Colorado River area concerned about various renewable projects. The problem is in part cultural: while a site may not be registered as historic, some tribal leaders say they know it’s sacred because of oral history accounts,” the Associated Press reports.

Some of 56,000 acres proposed for fast track solar projects in California are near abandoned villages, native drawings and other cultural landmarks according to the AP.