Oops: ‘Green’ plan to fix energy market modeled after Iran

Congress is currently debating a social engineering plan that would award tax credits to trucking companies that switch their fleet from gasoline-powered to natural gas-powered vehicles.

The plan is being pushed by T. Boone Pickens, who sank millions into a shaky company that builds natural gas filling stations and would profit handsomely if Congress manipulated the tax code to fix the energy market and create false demand for his investment.  Like his plan to bail out his Big Wind investments by forcing you to buy his power, it’s not a traditional American free market.  It’s crony capitalism.

Pickens claims this social engineering plan for his natural gas car experiment would wean the United States from imported oil.  He holds up Iran as his example, which is forcing its citizens to begin driving these bombs on wheels.

But there’s a reason Iran is forcing people to drive natural gasmobiles, as Steven Milloy reports on FoxNews.com:

“Although Iran is a major oil and gas producer, it lacks oil-refining capacity and must import about 50 percent of its gasoline. To be less vulnerable to international pressure concerning its nuclear program, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad decided to reduce Iran’s reliance on imported gasoline.

“He started with rationing in May 2007. But that quickly led to violent social unrest.

“Ahmadinejad then decided to convert Iran’s new car fleet to natural gas. So 60 percent of Iran’s car production this year — about 429,000 vehicles — will be dual-fuel-ready, capable of running on both gasoline and natural gas.

“But contrary to Pickens assertion, Iran isn’t trying to use less oil:; It’s trying to use less imported gasoline — and only to thwart a possible international gasoline embargo.”

Call your congressman at 202-224-3131.  Tell them to vote NO on the natural gas vehicle scheme.