Plan B from Big Green

Dear friend,

There’s no way around it.  The midterm elections last Tuesday were a bloodbath for Big Green, and a romp for candidates who support ATP’s “people, property and prosperity” agenda.

And now Democrats are blaming Big Green for costing them the House.

“41 Democrats who voted for the House [Cap and Tax] bill who lost, retired or saw their seat fall into GOP hands,” POLITICO reported Thursday.

That means nearly two out of every three Democrats who lost voted for Cap and Tax.  And it was an issue in nearly every race.

“Virginia Rep. Rick Boucher, for example, lost his campaign in part because he couldn’t get any traction trying to explain his work negotiating key details of the climate bill, said Andy Wright, a former Boucher chief of staff. Boucher also didn’t get any help from Sen.-elect Joe Manchin, his Democratic neighbor in West Virginia, who ran campaign ads on the same local TV stations firing a rifle at the climate legislation,” POLITICO reported.”‘When you’ve got a Democrat literally shooting the bill, it implies there’s some damage,’ said one environmental advocate.”

Big Green is attempting to defend itself, claiming Cap and Tax wasn’t a liability because many Democrats who voted with ATP to kill the bill also lost.

Not so fast, say environmental policy experts.

“‘…Jim Connaughton, former top White House environmental adviser under President George W. Bush, said greens are missing an important lesson by shining the spotlight on the Democrats who won another term. Many of those were safe seats compared with the seats of losers, who had always been nervous about how their climate vote would sell back home,’ reported POLITICO

“‘The point is the races at the margin,” he said.

“Connaughton said environmentalists are also mistaken if they think the 27 Democrats who opposed the House bill and lost on Tuesday would have had better luck if they had voted the in other direction.

“‘Who did they lose to? They lost to Republicans who are also against it,’ he said. ‘But they were tagged as being part of the agenda that was being advanced.’

But don’t think for a moment Big Green is backing off.  In a show of their power over the still-in-place Democrat House majority, they’re pushing two plans to pass Cap and Tax and preserve their iron grip on the House.

On the one hand, they’re still going to push to put Cap and Tax into the Senate energy bill during a “conference committee” in which leaders of both houses combine their bills to create one bill.  Cap and Tax radical Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) has openly declared he will put “the full cap and trade” program into the Senate bill that will be sent to President Obama, even though the Senate never voted on it.

That means we’ll need to organize opposition to defeat the compromise bill during the “lame duck” session,

But they’ll also be pulling a dirty trick they hope will guarantee Cap and Tax becomes law.

And this time they won’t even bother holding a vote.

That’s why I’m writing to you.

You see, with their defeat last week, Big Green is going with Plan B…

…simply imposing Cap and Tax on Americans through a declaration of the EPA.

Big Green will now simply have the EPA declare Cap and Tax to be a federal regulation, not subject to approval by Congress.

That means your utility bills will “skyrocket” and as many as 2.5 million jobs will be lost each year, simply because radical greens in the EPA bureaucracy declare it to be.

There’s only one way to stop them.

Passage of legislation stripping federal agencies of the power to make up major regulations.

That’s why WTP is pressuring returning and incoming legislators to support a bill in Congress requiring that any federal regulation with a fiscal impact over a certain threshold can only be passed by an affirmative, stand-alone vote of Congress.

Our message is as simple as it is right – No Regulation Without Representation.

Can I count on you to help us not only defeat Cap and Tax in the lame duck session, but to pass new legislation blocking Big Green’s EPA “declaration” scheme?

Please click here or go to to rush me your best gift of $35, $500, $100, $250, $500 or $1000?

Any gift in any amount will help.  Please give whatever you feel you can afford.


Donald Ferguson, Executive Director

P.S.  Election Day was a bloodbath for Big Green.  Cap and Tax was the deciding issue that led to the loss of scores of Democrats.

Big Green is still pushing for a lame duck plan that slips Cap and Tax into the Senate energy bill, but faced with the blame for costing Democrats the House they’re now pushing a “Plan B” that avoids a vote on Cap and Tax entirely — simply having the EPA impose Cap and Tax as a new federal regulation.  They are already drawing up the regulations, and it’s simply a matter of when they pull the trigger.

Only one thing can stop them, ATP’s proposed legislation stripping federal agencies of the authority to impose regulations that have a fiscal impact over a certain threshold. This “No Regulation Without Representation” stops the EPA cold.

Can you help us make that possible by clicking here or go to to rush me your best gift of $35, $500, $100, $250, $500 or $1000?