Rockefeller folds, EPA will begin job-killing carbon crackdown

With the EPA barreling ahead with Big Green’s plan to use unchecked, unaccountable bureaucrats to impose its radical agenda by force, ATP’s efforts are more critical than ever for a recorded vote on, and passage of, legislation mandating that major federal regulations can only be enacted by an affirmative, stand-along vote of Congress.

Especially since many major corporations actually support Big Green’s move to radically expand the powers of its regulatory army.  The loss of millions of jobs and billions in income hurt their smaller competitors more than it will hurt them, and they are willing to take the blow in order to have the EPA “clear the field of competitors.”  Millions of unemployed family providers and consumers slammed by higher prices will be hurt the most without such reforms.

The New York Times reports:

It is now full-speed ahead for federal climate regulations set to take effect on Jan. 2 after the final legislative challenge to their implementation was put on ice Friday afternoon.

West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D) said he is postponing his push for a vote on his bill to enact a two-year timeout on U.S. EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases due to lack of bipartisan support…

To hear industry lobbyists tell it, the new year will now bring dark days for large power plants.

They have argued that the climate regulations will halt new projects or trigger their movement beyond U.S. borders…