Rogue EPA messes with Texas

Texas officials ruled Tuesday Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency falsely accused a natural gas driller of contaminating water wells, the latest attempt by the rogue agency to attack the state’s jobs.

Scientific testing showed natural gas leaking into water wells did not match the gas being produced by the distant driller, but it had in fact leached up from natural rock formations, a common, and completely natural, occurrence, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Despite clear scientific proof natural gas drilling poses no threat to water supplies, Obama’s EPA embarked on a ruthless slander campaign intended to shut down hydrocarbon jobs.

“This is an example of overreaching at its worst,” said Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, one of three elected commissioners who oversee oil and gas drilling, tells the Journal. The EPA “has a built-in bias against the fossil fuel energy industry.”  The Texas Railroad Commission regulates the state’s hydrocarbon industry.

“This isn’t the only showdown between Texas and the EPA. State officials have refused to comply with federal attempts to regulate greenhouse gases. The state attorney general has brought two lawsuits against the EPA to block its new greenhouse-gas rules, which require oil refineries and other emitters to reduce their emissions. Texas officials say the new rules are an attempt by the federal government to control industrial development and could choke economic growth,” the Journal reports.

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