Senate to vote in just hours on taking away your free speech

Dear friend,

Harry Reid and Barack Obama want to take a razor blade to WTP’s vocal cords.

They just announced the Senate will vote within 24 hours on the radically misnamed DISCLOSE Act. 

More accurately, this is the “First Amendment Repeal Act.” 

If you’ll recall, this is the attempt by the liberals who control Washington to virtually outlaw political speech by their opponents, while exempting the wealthy special interests that bankroll their campaigns. 

This bill is intended to crack down on speech by citizen groups like WTP and rig elections in favor of liberal candidates.

If passed, WTP would have to file mountains of legal forms and hand over to Obama a list of all our supporters and their addresses before we are allowed to speak publicly about issues.

We will not comply.  Ever.  No matter what.

But we’d rather defeat the election-rigging First Amendment Repeal Act than spend millions on attorneys to defend your freedoms in court.

Call your two U.S. senators IMMEDIATELY at 202-224-3121 (you may have to call twice to reach each one.)  Ask him or her to vote NO on the DISCLOSE Act.

I’m calling my senators right now.  Please join me immediately.



Donald Ferguson
Executive Director