Supporters for ‘green car’ bailout are ‘dropping like flies’

Dear ATP supporter,

Can you please call your congressman at 202-224-3121 and ask them to oppose a plan that would bail out a politically powerful “green” investor?

“Reps. Tim Griffin of Arkansas and Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania became the two most recent Republicans Thursday to remove themselves from T. Boone Pickens-endorsed legislation that would steer billions of dollars in tax incentives to natural gas-fueled vehicles,” POLITICO reports this morning in an item titled “Dropping Like Flies.”

American Tradition Partnership is part of a coalition of free market groups opposing this plan.  Pickens invested millions in a natural gas filling station company.  The bill would bail out his investment by filling his tank with your money.

It’s not free market capitalism, and Pickens is too good a businessman to need your paycheck to earn a profit.

American Tradition Partnership is now lobbying Congress to oppose the plan.  If “alternative” vehicles ever become financially successful, they should do it in a free market without handouts.

I need your help if we are to defeat this.

“The bill still has 180 co-sponsors from both parties, but a number of Republicans have dropped recently as the bill has come under fire from conservative think tanks,” POLITICO reports.

American Tradition Partnership is one of those groups.

But our power doesn’t come from our name, or from me sitting down with a congressman.

It comes from grassroots Americans like you.

American Tradition Partnership is the nation’s most effective advocate of rational energy and environmental policies because we speak for, and are supported by, people like you.

Could you take just a minute to call your congressman and ask him or her to oppose this bill?

Win or lose, your phone call will make a difference.

And as I said, American Tradition Partnership is successful because of support from grassroots Americans.

Could you also go to and chip in $10 to support our pro-freedom, pro-jobs program?

We are steadily whittling away at support for this taxpayer handout, but we haven’t chopped it down.

So please take just a minute to exercise your First Amendment rights.  Call today, and go to and chip in $10.


Donald Ferguson
Executive Director
American Tradition Partnership

P.S. Co-sponsors for a bill that would bail out a politically-connected “green” investor are “dropping like flies,” POLITICO reports.But we need to turn up the pressure if we are to win.  Can you please call your congressman right now at 202-224-3121 and ask them to oppose the Pickens “green car” plan?

Help me fight back and protect our prosperity and freedoms for  generations to come.  Go to to chip in just $10.