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UN meets to discuss new global restrictions on economic activity

Posted on November 26, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

United Nations bureaucrats are meeting in Doha, Qatar this week for a new global summit seeking to impose global taxes and caps on carbon dioxide emitted through economic activity.

The Obama administration has kicked off the event by promising aggressive new actions to limit economic activity in the United States.

The Guardian reports Obama representative to the conference Jonathan Pershing tells delegates “the Obama administration has taken a series of steps, including sharply increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks, and made good on promises of climate financing for poor countries.”

The Guardian also notes Obama’s Cap and Tax scheme was killed in the U.S. Senate. That was due to the efforts of ATP supporters and our allies in contacting and challenging wavering senators.

The UN has taken past actions to limit carbon dioxide and curb economic activity, but none of these have affected global climate.

Rather than accept the scientific proof human activity is not altering the global climate, UN bureaucrats are using their failure to instead suggest they don’t have enough power and are now pushing even more draconian restrictions on economic activity.

Cap and Tax is back!

Posted on August 13, 2012 by Donald Ferguson

Dear patriot:

According to Harry Reid — Cap and Tax is back!

At a conference full of radical environmentalists last week in Las Vegas, Harry Reid vowed to bring Cap and Tax to the floor for a vote if Democrats maintain their majority in the Senate this November.

That’s why the four U.S. Senate races that could  determine whether or not Harry Reid and his cronies maintain control of the Senate are so important.

And that’s why I’m counting on the generous support of folks like you to help ATP continue to mobilize public opposition against the radical environmentalists in the key states where U.S. Senate races are taking place.

You see, Harry Reid declaring to bring Cap and Tax to the floor for a vote only proves how beholden to the  radical environmentalists the Big Government left really are.

Remember, in 2010, 53 Congressmen went down to defeat  after voting for Cap and Tax.

But Senator Reid and his pals are only concerned with pleasing Al Gore’s corporate cronies who enrich themselves at the expense of hard-working Americans.

In fact, Harry Reid even ridiculed folks like you who don’t buy into to their phony “science” and “Global Warming” hysteria as being out of touch with reality.

A large majority of people finally believe climate change is real, and that it is the cause of extreme weather. Yet despite having overwhelming evidence and public opinion on our side, deniers still exist, fueled and funded by dirty energy profits. These people aren’t just on the other side of this debate. They’re on the other side of reality.

The good news is, ATP is preparing to give Senator Reid and the radical environmentalists a reality check.

The 2010 elections proved that the overwhelming majority of the American people are opposed to Cap and Tax and the radical environmentalists’ job-destroying agenda.

So if Harry Reid and his Big Government pals want to try to shove Cap and Tax down the throats of the American people — there will be a severe political price to pay in November.

That’s why ATP is busy mobilizing public opposition to the radical environmentalists in many of the key states where critical U.S. Senate races are taking place.

Using direct mail, email, internet ads and hard-hitting radio, TV and newspaper ads, ATP will make sure voters know which politicians stand with them — and which one’ stand with the radical environmentalists.

Not only that, but should Harry Reid and his cronies try to RAM through Cap and Tax during the “Lame Duck” session of Congress — ATP will be prepared to fight back.

But such a massive grassroots mobilization isn’t cheap.

That’s why I hope you’ll agree to make a generous contribution of $250, $150, $100, $50 to help ATP’s massive grassroots mobilization efforts.

Even if you can only chip in $20, $15 or $10 bucks — it’ll be a tremendous help in this fight.

Together, you and I can DEFEAT Cap and Tax and the rest of the radical environmentalists’ job-destroying agenda.


Donny Ferguson
Executive Director

P.S.    Harry Reid recently pledged to bring the dangerous Cap and Tax scheme to the Senate floor for a vote should Democrats maintain control of  the U.S. Senate this November.

That’s why it’s vital ATP has the resources to launch a massive grassroots mobilization effort against Cap and Tax and the radical
environmentalists’ job-destroying agenda.

So please, make a generous contribution of $250, $150, $100, $50 to help with this crucial program.

You’re Gonna Buy Some Carbon Credits, See?

Posted on January 1, 2010 by Donald Ferguson

Psssttt . . . hey buddy,  I got a nice deal on some carbon credits, straight off the docks.


If the eco-left gets its way, this won’t be such a far-fetched scenario.

Earlier this month, Europe’s top law enforcement agency (Europol) reported the continent’s so-called “Cap and Trade” system is under the control of organized crime.

Lawmakers and energy experts say the massive theft and fraud Cap and Trade has fostered in Europe should be a “red flag” to U.S. lawmakers who want to recreate the system in the United States, according to Fox News. Europol reports over the last 18 months, $7.4 billion in fraudulent credits have been purchased from organized crime figures. Under “cap and trade” businesses cannot exceed certain carbon dioxide output limits, unless they buy government issued “credits” allowing them to produce more (in effect, a tax on carbon dioxide.)

Europol estimates in some countries up to 90 percent of the entire market volume was caused by fraudulent activities. “These criminal activities endanger the credibility of the European Union Emission Trading System,” said Rob Wainwright, Europol’s director.

As is the case in Europe, it’s only a matter of time before organized crime gets into the cap and trade “racket”.

Fight back – Click here to sign our “No Cap and Tax” petition if you haven’t already done so“If you know what’s good for you!”

Right now, the Cap and Tax system just one U.S. Senate floor vote away from passage invites “corruption, illegality and criminal activity,” much as it has in Europe, said Max Schulz, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

”This is the problem with politicians trying to create a market for something that the free market otherwise doesn’t value,” Schulz said. “An emissions trading market is an artificially, politically-created market….

“If we pass a system like Europe has, we’re going to get all the problems Europe has experienced,” he said. “You’re asking for a lot of problems.”

And that includes a surge in criminal activity and fraud in the carbon credit “market” – an opportunity Tony Soprano would love to get a piece of.

Western Tradition Partnership members aren’t about to sit back and let our economy get “whacked”!

Stay tuned, because we’ll be covering what is likely the first major prosecution of cap-and-trade fraud in the United States – a case in which records are set to be unsealed in early January 2010.

EPA Threatens/Censors Employees Who Don’t Agree

Posted on November 9, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

This is enough to make my stomach churn!

The EPA this week has ordered two of their own attorneys to stop telling the truth about Cap and Tax, and the agency threatened firing the two employees they do not comply.

Allan Zabal and Laurie Williams are a married couple who are attorneys for the EPA.  After they learned the truth about the dangers of the Obama Cap and Tax scheme, they began to write blogs, post YouTube videos, and generally speak out about the terrible cost of Cap and Tax, as well as the legislation’s total ineffectiveness.   Now the EPA has ordered them to essentially shut up or be fired!

Even though the pair of truth tellers have gone to great length to state that their views are their own opinion, Obama’s EPA is ready and willing to go to great length silence any opposition to Cap and Tax.   This is a dark and frustrating chapter not only in the fight to stop Cap and Tax, but in the battle for free speech as well.

Despite Zabal and Williams being shut down by government censorship, the EPA has no power over your right to speak out against the dangers of Cap and Tax.  Please take a minute to tell your Senators that you don’t support the costly and dangerous Cap and Tax bill by signing Western Tradition Partnership’s e-petition.

You can read more about the EPA’s censorship of the truth over here at the Wall Street Journal.

Your Work is Paying Off!

Posted on November 6, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW) passed the Cap and Tax Bill by an 11-to-1 vote yesterday.   All of the seven Republican Senators that sit on this committee were absent from the vote in protest.

The Republican Senators have demanded that the Cap and Tax bill be reviewed for financial impact by the EPA, but committee chairman Barbara Boxer doesn’t want the world to know how much Cap and Tax will cost the United States, and she forced the bill through despite the Republican’s urge for common sense.

Despite the passage of Cap and Tax out of committee, the real story is that Montana Democrat Max Baucus voted AGAINST Cap and Tax.

Did Sen. Baucus oppose the bill simply because sees through the lies of the radical environmentalists?  Of course not!

The reason Sen. Baucus opposed the bill is because he is feeling grassroots pressure from his constituents to oppose the monstrously damaging Cap and Tax legislation.  The pressure being applied from Montanans signing petitions like the one at is what is making a difference.

As long as more pressure keeps flowing from the grassroots like yourself, the radical enviromentalists will continue to see more and more Democrats peel away from Cap and Tax, and it will be stopped.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to go to to sign the petition to your Senator to keep the pressure flowing.   If you’ve already signed the petition, make sure to tell your friends to go to to sign the petition right away.   Once you’ve signed the petition and informed your friends, the next thing I need you to do, is please make a sacrificial donation to help spread the word.   Every penny Western Tradition Partnership is raising right now is going out to spread the word and apply more pressure to Senators across the West.  Please consider making this effort even greater with a donation.

Don’t let preachers of doom and naysayers tell you that Cap and Tax is a battle that can’t be won.  With your help, we can defeat this legislation.

WTP hits Congressmen over vote for ‘Cap and Tax’ legislation

Posted on September 15, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

Cap-and-Traders - Hypocrites

Cap-and-Traders - Hypocrites

For Release: September 15, 2009

Western Tradition Partnership launches campaign to save American jobs from being “Cap and Taxed” away

Group alerts grassroots of Reps. Betsy Markey & Harry Teague’s support for job-killing national energy tax

DENVER – Western Tradition Partnership announced Tuesday it has launched a grassroots campaign in Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico congressional districts to inform voters of the harm the proposed “Cap and Trade” bill in Congress (H.R. 2454) will have on jobs and the economy. The bill could come up for a Senate vote in the next few weeks.

The group has labeled the bill, which imposes a new national tax on carbon and creates a speculator’s market in “carbon credit,” as “Cap and Tax” in targeted mailings.  The mailings will hit districts held by Betsy Markey (D, CO-4) and Harry Teague (D-NM-2), criticizing their votes to pass the bill on June 26th , while praising Denny Rehberg (R, MT) for his opposition.

One radical environmentalist group spent $1.2 million to get Markey elected in 2008.

“It’s no coincidence that Markey voted for the Cap and Tax scheme after she was bought and paid for by the radical environmentalist groups in her last election,” said Jacob Leis, WTP Executive Director, Colorado.  “This new multi-billion dollar national energy tax is nothing but a political payoff to wealthy East- and West-coast donors and those on Wall Street who will get rich trading so-called carbon credits. Al Gore, Betsy Markey and their ilk will take billions in new taxes from every man, woman, and child in America to shamelessly pay back those who bankrolled their elections.

“Research shows this Cap and Tax bill will destroy as many as 2.5 million jobs per year and creates the equivalent of a $4,609 tax hike on a family of four,” said Leis.  “Their plan is to inflict pain on families and employers and stop any efforts at economic renewal.  Even worse, the bill has no net effect on its supposed target of global temperatures.”  The research was conducted by the independent, non-partisan Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis.  The Heritage Foundation has no relationship with WTP.

Even President Obama admits this new national energy tax causes every person’s utility bill to “skyrocket.” (San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 2008 or on this video post.)  Obama’s early admission Cap and Tax hurts working Americans makes Markey’s support even more alarming.

State Senator Greg Brophy, a farmer in Markey’s district estimates “Cap and Tax” will cost farmers in Colorado’s 4th CD nearly $600 per irrigated acre.

“It’s all pain, no gain.” Leis said, adding, “and the environmentalists intended it to be that way. More and more scientists are coming out against this bill because it exploits environmental concerns to launch an economic assault on America’s economy, which radical environmentalist have long hated.”

“It’s up to citizens to speak out against this radical environmentalist plan to downsize American jobs.  Western Tradition Partnership will aggressively begin that process.”

For more information on this issue visit WTP’s blog at , or to schedule an interview, contact Public Relations Director Donny Ferguson at

Western Tradition Partnership is a fast-growing grassroots organization dedicated to “Rediscovering the Treasures of the West” through rational, responsible natural resource development and land use policy.  WTP achieves it goals through hard-hitting issue advocacy and legislative lobbying, voter contact and public education campaigns.

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