Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt starts house fires while charging, bursts into flames after accidents

Posted on November 15, 2011 by Donald Ferguson

The Chevy Volt electric car, America’s Obama-mandated “green” experiment with creating a “people’s car,” is running into lots of problems.

For one, nine months into the year, they’ve only shipped 3,895 off the lot, Wired reports.  In fact, in September sales numbers reveal GM sold only 723 Volts.  Nearly all of the pathetically few Volts that have been purchased were bought by the government in a bid to falsely inflate sales numbers.

Chevy doesn’t even want to make them, but are forced to under orders from Obama.

But now the Obama flop has an even bigger problems…

…not only does it seem to set fire to the homes of its owners

…it seems the Volt itself has a tendency to spontaneously combust.

Not only is Obama’s “green” car selling worse than the Edsel, it’s as dangerous as the Ford Pinto.

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