Greenpeace Admits Cap and Tax Won’t Fix a Thing

Posted on July 1, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

From Mary Katharine Ham notes that Greenpeace, the ultra-left Global Warming hoax hysterics, have come out in opposition to the massive Cap and Tax energy bill expected to be voted on in the House of Representatives today.

Greenpeace thinks the mammoth 1,200 – 1,500 page bill, the latest law being shoved through Congress on the premise that the world will end and things will never be the same if we don’t do it right now, is too soft.

Hey, we’ll take opposition where we can find it.

“This legislation sends a strong and unmistakable signal to the world that the United States is not yet ready to show the leadership necessary to reach a strong agreement at Copenhagen in December.  Already, we are seeing the impact of this signal as one country after another retreats from the aggressive targets needed to avoid catastrophic climate change.

We call on the Congress to reject this bill and begin immediate and urgent work on legislation that treats seriously the dire threat of climate change.  We call on President Obama to move beyond rhetoric and deliver on his commitments to “restore science to its proper place” and to lead the world in addressing climate change…”

There is still time for constituents of Congressman who appear on the list of Cap and Trade undecideds and leaners to hit the phones and fax machines and stop this monstrosity.

“Cap-and-Traitors”: The Secret Behind a few Republican “YES” Votes

Posted on by Donald Ferguson

I just got off the phone with our our Congressional insider contacts who seem to be saying that the scuttlebutt on the Hill is that at the 8 Republican “Cap -and-Traitors” from New Jersey who voted for the bill did so as a political favor for the NY/NJ-centric commodity and stock traders (as in Cap and TRADE) who throw a lot of money around.

enroneOne angle not being covered in the mainstream press is that Cap and Tax relies upon the lethal combination that brought us the mortgage mess: Wall Street traders + government bureaucrats.

This fits, as one of the entities that helped develop the Cap and Tax trading scheme was ENRON, and the “carbon credits” that will be supposedly traded on the open market (after they are doled out by government bureaucrats, of course) will be bought and sold by investment banker types who hail from companies like Bear Sterns and Goldman Sachs, and…

…WAIT A MINUTE. The carbon credits that are at the heart of “Cap and Tax” are going to be handled by market traders connected with big Wall Street firms and investment bankers? Hmmm… if I could just get my hands on some carbon credits byu contributing to the right Congressman, maybe I could use them to pay my mortgage…

“Cap & Tax” Prime Sponsor Waxman admits he hasn’t read bill

Posted on by Donald Ferguson

Obama “Energy Czar” (EPA chief Browner) hasn’t read the 1000+-page bill, either (video clip here).

Honoring what seems to have become a vaunted tradition in Congress, H.R. 2454 or “Cap & Tax” was rammed through the House last week without enough time for even a cursory reading, and passed by a narrow margin of 7 votes (219-212). 50 Democrats defected, though the majority of these votes were likely a pre-planned incumbency-protection maneuver with the tacit blessing of Nancy Pelosi, rather than an honest decision of conscience.

We’ll outline who the 50 were and their possible motivations in a  separate post; likewise with the 8 Republican “Cap and Traitors” who gave the vote its winning margin. For now, enjoy this clip of Waxman, who like his 218 colleagues who voted “YES”, hasn’t read the bill.

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