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Schweitzer Flips Again Under Pressure From Eco-Alarmist Fringe

Posted on September 3, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

by Paul Chesser, special correspondent for the Heartland Institute

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, the double-minded man on cap-and-tax, is continuing his high-stepping through the the hot coals of global warming policy prescriptions. In a Flathead Beacon article that attempts to assess the prospects of the national Waxman-Markey bill, the chairman of the Western Governors Association and the Democratic Governors Association is said to “clarify” his position on carbon emissions trading schemes, but in reality he only muddies further:

In an interview last week, Schweitzer clarified his position, saying he “categorically” believes gasses produced by humans, like methane and CO2, were causing climate change and the U.S. needs to take action to reduce emissions of these gasses. But then added: “Do I believe that the carbon cap-and-trade system is the best proposal? The answer is no.”

As for Waxman-Markey, Schweitzer said, “I have some concerns with it” and that he hasn’t “been able to find anyone who can understand” the bill.

But Schweitzer would not speculate on the political prospects of Waxman-Markey’s passage, saying only that the bill is sure to be altered by the Senate and eventual conference committees, which could result in a much different bill. Nor did the governor say he backed cap-and-dividend. Instead, he said he would like to see some type of policy mechanism where fees on carbon emissions were used to develop new technologies dedicated to a cleaner, more efficient energy system, encompassing everything from carbon capture, to new transmission grids, to wind and solar power. Such a system would allow the market to motivate companies to develop these technologies, whether a carbon cap is imposed or not.

“I don’t know that you need a hard cap if you send clear market signals that you need to decrease carbon dioxide emissions,” Schweitzer said.

So what does that mean for his state’s continued participation in the Western Climate Initiative’s cap-and-tax scheme, as the governor sees it? Your guess is as good as anyone’s, but he will probably be allowed to evade a straight answer as long as Montanans (and their media) let him.

Eco-Radicals exploit 9/11 to Promote Their Hysteria

Posted on September 1, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

9/11 was nothing, according to new WWF ad


Just in time for the anniversary of 9/11 comes this tasteless, nightmarish print ad for the World Wildlife Fund, showing dozens of planes headed for lower Manhattan. See a larger version here. The copy reads: “The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11. The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it.”

Unfortunately, respect is the main thing lacking here. Exploiting one tragedy to try to prevent another is just stupid and self-defeating, and will always backfire. Via Advertolog, which credits the ad to DDB Brazil. UPDATE: It appears this ad actually managed to win a merit award for public service at The One Show this year.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

Gov. Schweitzer Flips, Otter Flops Amid Cap & Trade Scandal, Taxpayer Pressure

Posted on July 30, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

Taxpayers unhappy about WCI scam

Taxpayers unhappy about WCI scam

Governors (Two) Bark Back

By Paul Chesser — American Spectator

Well, they didn’t take that very well.

The chairman (Democrat Gov. of Montana Brian Schweitzer) and vice chairman (Republican Gov. of Idaho Butch Otter) of the Western Governors Association responded sharply (PDF) to a National Taxpayers Union inquiry about WGA’s management and funding of the Western Climate Initiative, which the rest of the WGA board members — the governors of the other 17 Western states — either unknowingly or are too embarrassed to acknowledge they support.

WCI is a serious hush-hush deal among these state executives.

Read the rest here:

- Paul Chesser

WGA Under Schweitzer Hijacks Taxpayers in Climate Scandal

Posted on July 17, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

Greens Take another Hostage

Greens Take another Hostage

Commandeered by Climate Alarmists

By Paul Chesser of Climate Strategies Watch and Special Correspondent for Heartland Institute

Did the chief executives of a few Western states hijack the staff and resources of their regional coalition, against the will of most of their fellow governors, all to promote their vision for a regional cap-and-trade agreement?

It sure looks that way. Based upon documents I obtained from Patrick Cummins, program director for climate change and air quality at the Western Governors Association, it appears that a few governors and WGA staff violated rules (which require unanimous consent by its member governors) in devoting resources and staff time to the Western Climate Initiative. WCI seeks to create a regional agreement among its member states to cap greenhouse gas emissions, in order to avert what they believe to be a pending global warming catastrophe.

I shared the documents I obtained with the National Taxpayers Union, which sent a letter of concern to (now outgoing) WGA chairman Jon Huntsman Jr. , governor of Utah:

No doubt you agree that, as an organization that receives tax dollars from both state and federal sources, WGA has a responsibility to operate with full transparency and public disclosure in terms of its fiscal activities, where it receives its funding and how and where it spends those funds. We also know that WGA functions on the basis of consensus among its member states, so that moneys provided to WGA by one or several states do not subsidize operations or programs that their governors oppose.

Seven states agreed to work as WGA partners, leaving the majority of WGA states not formally supporting the involvement of WGA in the WCI process. According to information we have received, no resolution was adopted by WGA endorsing WCI or authorizing WGA to provide any support to the WCI process. Given the opposition by many Governors to having any of their taxpayer-backed contributions to be used to subsidize the operations of the WCI, this is understandable.</em>

That is why we were surprised to review documents recently released by WGA that indicate deep and wide-ranging involvement by WGA staff in the WCI.

Those documents are posted at Climate Strategies Watch, and upon review you realize that WGA has total management control of WCI. As NTU stated in its letter, “It is difficult to see how tax dollars from non-WCI states did not subsidize this process.”

In a conversation I had with Cummins, he explained that some funds came from private resources for WCI. But that doesn’t explain whether or not they fully covered WCI, nor does it account for how much of his (and other WGA staff) time was diverted to WCI efforts. It also doesn’t explain why WGA secretly undertook the project — even signing contracts with consultants for the WCI project — without obtaining approval from its member governors.

Several documents posted at the WGA and WCI websites show that five governors — Democrat Janet Napolitano in Arizona (now Homeland Security Secretary); Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in California; Democrat Bill Richardson in New Mexico; Democrat Ted Kulongoski in Oregon; and Democrat Chris Gregoire in Washington — formed WCI (.pdf) (Montana and Utah joined later) in February 2007 with no mention of WGA involvement or approval. The five signed an agreement committing their states to the WCI effort, but they make no more than a passing reference to how WGA resolved that “action is needed” on climate change.

Further evidence that everything was not on the up-and-up: WGA’s annual reports in 2007 and  2008 (both.pdfs) do not mention its extensive involvement with WCI, save a very passive reference in 2008. The same reports identify Cummins, who manages WCI (and was my contact for the records I requested), as project manager of its Western Regional Air Partnership project and its air quality initiative.

What were they trying to hide?

While the five global warming alarmist governors hijacked WGA for their own agenda, at least 10 other member governors were kept in the dark. As NTU wrote:

These facts raise serious questions about the use of taxpayer funds in this effort from states that did not agree to partner in the WCI project – including Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho, Nevada and Alaska. In fact, it is difficult to see how this was not the case, given the extent to which WGA time, staff and resources were spent to support the WCI.

At least one unidentified WGA governor, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal‘s John Fund before this week’s annual meeting, expressed dismay :

One governor I spoke with points out that the WGA is supposed to operate on a consensus basis. He says the WGA’s involvement in planning climate change proposals is serious overreach. “The dues states give WGA come from tax money and I was surprised to learn just how much the WGA seems to be getting ahead of many of the states on carbon regulation,” he told me.

The secrecy with which the five WCI governors and the WGA officials like Cummins operated highlights how they have defied the will of the majority of the member governors, and likely improperly used the taxpayer funds of the states they represent. Let’s hope NTU gets a full accounting, and that governors regain control of an organization that appears to have been overtaken by environmental activists and a few WGA members who have done their dirty work.

Greenpeace Admits Cap and Tax Won’t Fix a Thing

Posted on July 1, 2009 by Donald Ferguson

From Mary Katharine Ham notes that Greenpeace, the ultra-left Global Warming hoax hysterics, have come out in opposition to the massive Cap and Tax energy bill expected to be voted on in the House of Representatives today.

Greenpeace thinks the mammoth 1,200 – 1,500 page bill, the latest law being shoved through Congress on the premise that the world will end and things will never be the same if we don’t do it right now, is too soft.

Hey, we’ll take opposition where we can find it.

“This legislation sends a strong and unmistakable signal to the world that the United States is not yet ready to show the leadership necessary to reach a strong agreement at Copenhagen in December.  Already, we are seeing the impact of this signal as one country after another retreats from the aggressive targets needed to avoid catastrophic climate change.

We call on the Congress to reject this bill and begin immediate and urgent work on legislation that treats seriously the dire threat of climate change.  We call on President Obama to move beyond rhetoric and deliver on his commitments to “restore science to its proper place” and to lead the world in addressing climate change…”

There is still time for constituents of Congressman who appear on the list of Cap and Trade undecideds and leaners to hit the phones and fax machines and stop this monstrosity.

“Cap-and-Traitors”: The Secret Behind a few Republican “YES” Votes

Posted on by Donald Ferguson

I just got off the phone with our our Congressional insider contacts who seem to be saying that the scuttlebutt on the Hill is that at the 8 Republican “Cap -and-Traitors” from New Jersey who voted for the bill did so as a political favor for the NY/NJ-centric commodity and stock traders (as in Cap and TRADE) who throw a lot of money around.

enroneOne angle not being covered in the mainstream press is that Cap and Tax relies upon the lethal combination that brought us the mortgage mess: Wall Street traders + government bureaucrats.

This fits, as one of the entities that helped develop the Cap and Tax trading scheme was ENRON, and the “carbon credits” that will be supposedly traded on the open market (after they are doled out by government bureaucrats, of course) will be bought and sold by investment banker types who hail from companies like Bear Sterns and Goldman Sachs, and…

…WAIT A MINUTE. The carbon credits that are at the heart of “Cap and Tax” are going to be handled by market traders connected with big Wall Street firms and investment bankers? Hmmm… if I could just get my hands on some carbon credits byu contributing to the right Congressman, maybe I could use them to pay my mortgage…

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