Tester re-files bill to put D.C. in control of Western land

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) is trying once again to place millions of acres of the West in D.C.’s clutches, re-filing a radical “wilderness” declaration bill rejected by the last Congress.

S.268 is a virtual carbon copy of the bill Tester filed in the last session of the Senate, crafted in closed-door sessions and secret meetings after its language calling for the federal snatching of millions of acres of land drew cries of opposition from Montana and other residents.

Gang Green openly admits the land grab is designed to keep the public from accessing public land.  Tester relies on Gang Green’s radical environmentalist groups from Washington, D.C. for staffing and campaign cash.

You can contact Jon Tester at 202-224-2644 to tell him to drop his latest attempt at a D.C. land grab of the West.